Saturday, April 26, 2014

Air Asia Philippines - Cabin Crew Interview Process & stages

I attended their interview back in December 2013 to see if I could get in, but in all reality, it was more of my friend pressuring me to join her. So I said why not, let's see how far I can go.

The whole interview is a two day process. At least that's what it's like in the Philippines, usually on the weekend (Saturday-Sunday). In Malaysia, according to my brother, the interview is done in a day and the medical on another day.  (usually within the week). It's much easier and they don't ask you to perform any dance/talent. 

So the interview was at 9am. I went there early around 8am, and there were lots of people. So as always, go to the venue early, you don't want to regret it. 

The first thing they do is the test the arm reach and the weight check. You must pass the reach test, otherwise you'll be sent home. And for the weight, all they check is if your body is proportionate to your height.

After that, it's the documents check. Make sure you have the proper documents (Passport/Philippines ID, police clearance, education papers). When you pass that you'll then move on to an initial 2-1 interview. There they'll ask simple questions like "So why you want to be a FA" and "What can you give us", those kind. Just be ready for those 'first job' interview type of questions.

On our second day, everyone that was shortlisted came back. We were all seated in an auditorium and they gave us all the details of what's going to happen for the day. So they called us one by one and in front of everyone, we had to answer a question that they provided us. Mine was "If you would talk to someone, would you prefer to talk to that person through a call or via face to face". Questions like that.
It's really just common sense. I think what they're looking for is how you answer your question (without difficulty or long pauses). When that was done we all went out to have a small break. Then they called a certain group of people, around 30. When we came in, they told us that we were the lucky ones and that we are scheduled for a medical. 
Before leaving, they gave us a small info and presentation of what it's like living in Malaysia, what the life of a FA is, what the pay is, and all the relevant info. They then thanked us and we left with happy faces.

In two weeks, I attended the medical. It was the general check-up (x-ray, eye test, ear test, lungs, and general health check). I passed it but decided not to pursue it. I feel a little bad that I got someone else's spot. I was really about to leave for Malaysia to start a new life. But I then decided to stay and finish school first since I only had a few months to go. 
And not to mention, rejecting AirAsia meant I was open to try other airlines and that eventually got me to Cathay Pacific.
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