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Air Asia - Cadet Pilot ( 2014 )

  Minimum Qualification Requirements

  • Thai nationality.
  • Below 45 years of age (Date of Birth from 1 JULY 1969).
  • Exempted from the military service.
  • Minimum height 163 Cms.
  • Graduated with a Bachelor Degree or higher in any fields.
  • Current on the fixed-wing aircraft only.
  • Hold the Thai Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating & Multi Engines Rating
  • Graduated with the Commercial Pilot License only from the flying schools recognized by Thai Department Civil of Aviation. (The license conversion from PPL to CPL is excluded)
  • Minimum 500 Hours of flying.
  • Require minimum Level 4 of the English Language Proficiency Test Result or minimum 550 of TOEIC scores (the validation is within 31 AUG 2014)
  • No criminal records at Royal Thai Police. Should any criminal or drunk driving records be found and such actions are considered harmful to the air safety or immoral to the pilot career, the company reserves the right to disqualify the candidate.

Applicants are to follow the below instructions:

STEP 1  : Application

1.  Application is to be made at Thai AirAsia Company Limited 222 Donmueang International Airport, 3rd floor, Central Office Building, No.3200, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Sanambin, Donmueang, Bangkok 10210

2.  The copies of these following documents are to be submitted before the test. (All copies submitted to the company will not be returned to the candidates)

  • 2 of one-inch Colored photos (Taken within three months prior to the application date)
  • 1 copy for Thai national Identity Card or Government Employee Card.
  • 1 copy for House Registration Certificate.
  • 1 copy for Document of military service exemption from.
  • 1 copy for Transcript and Degree Certificate.
  • 1 copy for Flying school certificate and transcript indicating the duration of the course.
  • 1 copy for Pilot’s license and Medical certification.
  • 1 copy for Pilot’s log book. The first three pages and the record of the latest year of flying from the PILOT LOG BOOK (Please also enclose the documents indicating the place where you accumulated the flying hours of the latest year).
  • 1 copy for English Language Proficiency Test Results with minimum Level 4 or minimum 550 of TOEIC scores (the validation is within 31 AUG 2014)

STEP 2: General Aviation Knowledge Test

1.  The Test will be held at Donmueang International Airport

[In-flight Building 3rd Room 305].

2. Applicants will be given two sets of tests:

  • General Aviation Knowledge (100 questions)
  • English Knowledge Test (50 questions)
3.  Applicants must early be at the test room. They must be properly attired, carrying their identity card. Writing instruments (black or blue) must be carried on.

4.  Results of the General Aviation Knowledge Test will be announced via website

5.  Applicants must pass 80% the General Aviation Knowledge Test in order to be qualified for Step 3.

STEP 3: Aviation Psychological Test

The Physical and Mental Check comprises of:

1.  Blood Test

GROUP 1           : 16 JUNE 2014
GROUP 2          : 26 JUNE 2014

2.  Aviation Psychological Group Test

GROUP 1           : 25 JUNE 2014
GROUP2           : 03 JULY 2014

2.1  The test will be held at 3rd floor room1, the institute of Aviation Medicine, Royal Thai Air Force during 08.00-12.00 a.m. The pilot candidates are recommended to have their breakfast and be at the test room not later than 07.30 a.m.

2.2  They must bring along their applicant’s ID, identity cards, one colored one inch of photo and writing instruments.

2.3  A non-refundable test fee of THB 2,900 per person will be paid by each pilot candidate on the day of the test. The detail as below;

THB 150

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

THB 1,250

The Drug test such as Morphine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Cannabinoid, Phencyclidine.

THB 1,500

The Aviation Psychological Test.
3.  Aviation Psychological Individual Test
GROUP 1           : 25-27 JUNE 2014
GROUP2           : 03-10 JULY 2014

  • The Interview will be arranged by Medical Psychologists. One day consists of 20 applicants.
  • The test will be held at room xxx, 2nd floor Institute of Aviation Medicine, RTAF.
4.  Applicants must be at the meeting room on time. They must be properly attired, carry their applicant’s ID and identity card.

5.  Announce of the final results will be announced via website

STEP 4: Interview

  1. Before interview, Applicants will do the personnel paper test.
  2. Applicants will be interviewed by the Thai AirAsia Pilot Selection Committee.
  3. Applicants must be at the meeting room on time. They must be properly attired.
  4. The final results will be announced to applicants directly.
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