Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tiger Air cabin crew interview process and stages

I would like to share with you guys about my interview experience with Tigerair. I attended the interview in Concord Hotel on 11 Jan 2014. I reached there at 9am and there were not much people ( less than 50 people I guess). I then did the registration and they gave me a candidate number. 

I proceed to a room and they checked on my height and weight, minimum height for girl must be at least 158cm and for guys is 165cm. And for the weight, they don't have a body weight scale so you have to answer them honestly although there is no weight check for you. 

They then checked on my educational certificates and it was in the same room where I did the height & weight check. Please note that you must have at least 4 credit in your GCE N level including English subject or else they will say goodbye to you. 

I have seen few people being sent home because they didn't fulfill the criteria. Tigerair is quite strict on this part. Once everything is done, then only the interview starts. There were 3 rounds of interview and the first round was the English test which consist of 20 multiple choice questions, this round is meant to test your English and it is not so difficult to pass.

Second round would be the creativity test. 7 people were grouped into a room and they will show you random pictures, It could be any pictures and each of u need to talk about this picture immediately without given much time. I remember my picture was Nasi Lemak, and I said "this is a traditional Malay food and it consist of cucumber, boiled egg, fried peanut...I seldom eat Nasi Lemak because it always makes me get bloated..." 

My friend told me he got a wrinkled hand picture and he has no idea how to talk about this picture. My advise is, try to say something even if your answer in short, don't keep silence. Remain eye contact and smile with the interviewers when you are answering the question. 

After that, they will ask you random questions about the picture, eg: do you like Nasi Lemak and why? If a foreigner would like to visit Singapore, what would u recommend for him to eat and why? 

They will ask each of you random questions, remember try to talk more ( but don't make negative comment about the picture) After that 7 of you will leave the room and wait for the result. If you pass this round then you will proceed to the final round.

Final round would the 2-1 interview, you will face 2 interviewers and they will ask you questions like " Why do you want to be a flight attendant? What is your hobbies? What is your current job? Why do you quit your previous job?" 

Basically it was a chit chatting session and the interviewers were very nice and polite. Don't forget to answer them sincerely and smile at them while remaining your eye contact. In this round they will also ask you to make announcement as well. You will be given an announcement text to read out. Try to read slowly and pronounce the words clearly. 

Don't talk too fast. They want to hear clear pronunciation. If you know Mandarin or Malay, your chances to get selected will be higher because most of the Singaporean can only speak English.

After these 3 rounds I went back home in the evening, it was very tiring. They will inform you the result via email in 2-3 weeks. I received my email after 2.5 weeks and they asked me to sign the employment contract in their office which is located in Changi Business Park.

I hope the above helps. See you guys in the sky :-)

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