Monday, March 28, 2011

Silk Air Cabin Crew Interview Process and Stages‏

Hello there, firstly I would like to thank Fly Gosh for sharing so much of airlines, cabin crew tips, that leads my aspiring to become a flight stewardess dream came true.

So, I would love to share my experience of going through Silkair interview process & all the stages during the recent interview in last February. A rough estimation of approximately 600 hopefuls came for the two days. Of course, it was quite a small amount if were to be compared with those big airlines recruitment drive.

Malaysian Airlines ( MH ) cabin crew interview and stages

Below are the stages of the recent MAS open day shared by one of my reader who were there.

Hey guys, just wanna share my interview experience with you guys and share the stages of the recent MAS interview in MAA. I think there were almost 2000 people who attended the interview as I spoke to someone who just arrived during lunch and her number was around 1500-ish.

Hopefully you all have better luck than me as I did not get the job. I made it until the interactive stage only and was not selected for some reason =(.Anyway without further ado, here is my experience with MAS.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Experience as a cabin crew - Part 1

Below are the experience of one of my readers who was an ex cabin crew with a major airline.

Is me again…What do you think about the dark side of being a cabin crew? I can see there’s a good response from the first post so I guess I should tell you guys more. How’s that? Well, there is a good side and a bad side. Not just cabin crew actually, anything you do there’s a pro and cons it’s all depends which path you are choosing to be your career. Everyone got his or her own preference and no one can make the decision for you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emirates Cabin Crew Interview Process & Stages

Open Day - submit your CV and photo ( full length must be in white back ground and passport size photo) .If your photo did not meet their requirement, they will ask you to retake it on the spot which is more expensive and cost about RM28 for only one full length and 1 passport size photo. After you submit your CV and photos, you will have to do the arm reach test.

For those who pass the arm reach test, you will be divided into a group of 15 people each and have a group discussion. The selected question are given by the interviewer ( eg. Would you prefer to be a female or male?) They gave us about half an hour for the discussion and will announce the result once it is finished. There are only 5 people in my group who manage to pass. For those who pass this round, you will be ask to come back for a briefing in the evening which will take about 3 hours. There are only about 50 people who pass during the day and were invited to proceed for the assessment day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emirates Cabin Crew numbers cruise over 12,000

DUBAI, U.A.E.,8th March 2011: The number of Emirates' cabin crew has, for the first time, risen to over 12,000 as the airline positions itself for continuing steady growth.Emirates is currently in full recruitment mode across all six continents where it flies, looking to hire 4,000 cabin crew in the 2011/12 financial year.At this week’s ITB in Berlin, which runs from 9th-13th March, Emirates will continue its recruitment push as it seeks German-speaking cabin crew to join the growing Emirates' team.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Direct Entry Cadet Pilot , First Officer & Captain - Malaysia Airlines

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "Dark Side" of being a cabin crew

Below are the experience of one of my readers who was an ex cabin crew with a major airline.

Hello everyone,

I’m here to share my flying experience. I did not want to mention my name as well as which airline I was flying with previously.

I’m here to share my experience so that you guys have a bit of idea how flying life is. I never regret joining the airline and I’m just like you, to be a cabin crew is always my dream since I’m young and started when i was 6 years old. When I was young, my mum always said wait till she “KENA” lottery and she will buy an air ticket for me. It never came true; my era AIR ASIA doesn’t exist so there’s no such thing as EVERYONE CAN FLY.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interview Tips for Cabin Crew

This year has been a great year so far for those who want to start a career in the aviation industry as almost every month, there are airlines hiring. Further to what I have posted in Cabin Crew tips, here are some extra tips and pointers for you. First of all you must have the right mindset which means you must believe that you can be successful in the interview. Positive attitude attract positive results. For example, if you feel that you are not confident about yourself, automatically the way you speak and your body language will show the negative side.