Monday, March 28, 2011

Malaysian Airlines ( MH ) cabin crew interview and stages

Below are the stages of the recent MAS open day shared by one of my reader who were there.

Hey guys, just wanna share my interview experience with you guys and share the stages of the recent MAS interview in MAA. I think there were almost 2000 people who attended the interview as I spoke to someone who just arrived during lunch and her number was around 1500-ish.

Hopefully you all have better luck than me as I did not get the job. I made it until the interactive stage only and was not selected for some reason =(.Anyway without further ado, here is my experience with MAS.

Day 1
I suggest everyone to go as early as possible. The interview states it begins at 8.30am. I arrived at 8.30 sharp and there was already a line queuing to gain permission from the guard to enter the academy. By the time you get inside, you will get a form with a number on it. That number is the number of applicants currently waiting. My friend arrived 10 minutes earlier than me and her number was 200-ish. Mine was 449. The wait took about an hour. We then proceeded for the first part which is height check.

After you pass the height check, you will need to proceed to the counter to register your documents. You will then get a more detailed form which you have to fill up. Everyone is then required to proceed to the auditorium where you submit your form and wait for your name to be called. Around 6 people will be called at a time for the first part of the interview.

Interview 1 (Pre Screening Stage)
2 interviewers, 6 interviewees. We were required to introduce ourselves and talk a little about ourselves. For some reason, the self introduction part for MAS interview is way longer than others as we go on and on about our family and experiences. We were then given a scenario where we had to assume the interviewers just landed in KL from London and we had to suggest to them places for shopping and food and how to get there from PJ Hilton. Everyone was given a lot of time to speak and the interviewers kept prompting us with questions which was really helpful.

Alternative scenarios (from other people): Another group I met there was asked if RM1200 basic salary was enough for them. Another group was asked to talk about the World in general.
Results: 2/6 of us passed this stage

Alternative Results: One of the other groups only had 1 person pass in that group
Tips: Try to be more elaborate on your answers and just talk as much as you can as they don't limit you to any time frame to finish your topic. Be confident, speak clearly and don't forget to smile at all times. Oh and remember to greet the interviewers when you enter the room and when you leave the room. TRY TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO GREET THEM ;)

After the interview is done, everyone was told to proceed to the auditorium again to wait for the results. There is a big a4 paper and a small lettersize paper they hold. The lettersize paper is usually the ones that passed and the a4 paper is the ones that failed. After you pass, you will then wait for the grooming stage. According to the slides shown in the auditorium, there is no elimination for the grooming stage.

Interview 2 (Grooming Stage)
We had to remove all our jackets, shoes, socks and roll up our sleeves. They checked our height, weight, scars on neck, leg, hands, fingers, face and feet. After that we were required to smile and catwalk back and forth while they observe. The turns are usually in sequence of 5 guys and 5 girls per rotation to enter the room for grooming. I talked to a girl and she said they even check their chest near their breasts for scars.

Results: No Elimination
Tips: One of the guy in my group was really nervous and he had to do the catwalk repeatedly 3 times as he first time he was doing a march (kawad), 2nd time he was too stiff but he nailed it the 3rd time. Just relax here and make sure you put up a good posture and smile while walking.

- End of Day 1 -

Day 2
My session was at 9.30. There were other sessions at 10 and 10.30 also according to the people I talked to. We registered our invitation slip and waited in the auditorium for our names to be called for the interview.

Interview 3 (Interactive Stage)
6 people per session. We were divided into 2 groups (3 person each). We had to discuss and debate about the differences of Male and Female stewardess. After that we had to roleplay a scenario where 3 of us were flight attendants while the other 3 were difficult passengers. After that we were asked to answer why we want to be a cabin crew. Finally, we were done but before going out the interviewers wanted us to catwalk in front of them before going out of the room. For some reason, we had ALOT more going on in our session than the others.

PS: This is the stage I really dislike as everyone have to fight to get a chance to talk.
Alternative Scenarios: Another group I talked to after the interview had to talk about Beggars and they were done. My session really had a lot goin on. No idea why.
Results: 3/6 were selected
Tips:I did not pass this stage but the reasons I think I failed is because I did not remain poise while speaking and I kept moving my hands to describe something. Another reason will be because I spoke too much as I was pretty sure I was the most talkative for this session and my groupmates said I was talking a lot the entire time. The ones that passed were talking quite a lot too but I think the reason I failed is because they remain poised and leave their body properly postured while talking while I was being very elaborated on my body movement. That is all I can think of. =)

I did not make it pass this stage but basically if you pass Interview 3 you will be qualified for the final 1 to 1 interview. After the final interview you will be notified if you successfully get the job via phone call in 1 weeks time. Feel a little sad that I didn't make it pass the 3rd interview but good luck to the rest of you and I really hope my post helps =).

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