Monday, March 28, 2011

Silk Air Cabin Crew Interview Process and Stages‏

Hello there, firstly I would like to thank Fly Gosh for sharing so much of airlines, cabin crew tips, that leads my aspiring to become a flight stewardess dream came true.

So, I would love to share my experience of going through Silkair interview process & all the stages during the recent interview in last February. A rough estimation of approximately 600 hopefuls came for the two days. Of course, it was quite a small amount if were to be compared with those big airlines recruitment drive.

As for myself, I went for the first day interview and arrived pretty early. My advice to all is to be at the venue earlier, even before the interview starts. This is to avoid huge crowd, and hey it's somehow a way to show that you're punctual for any job. It's always a courtesy of being early.

Anyhow, here are some of the stages that I've been through..

Stage 1
2 interviewers VS 10 hopefuls
Firstly, the interviewers ask us to reach a certain arm-reach length, we must take off our heels and we can't tip toe. Then we sat in row and we're asked to introduce ourselves. From there, the interviewer will elaborate on asking us some questions. Some questions may be simple like how many siblings you've, what is your hobby, what are you currently doing.. and some can be the popular ones like why do you want to be a cabin crew, what are some of the things cabin crew does, and why must we hire you.. After that, we're asked to wait outside for a couple of minutes for the interviewers to consider our applicants. Then, we're being asked into the room again and this is when they announce those that got through. For my group, 5 of us got through out of 10. I heard some of the groups, mostly less than 4 got through out of 10.

Stage 2
1 to 1 interview
1) Once again, I've to introduce myself. But this time, the question session is way longer. If I'm not wrong, the interviewer will evaluate on the way you speak, how you carry yourself and are you physically and mentally ready to be based overseas, being far away from your family and loved ones. This session may takes up 10-15 minutes.
2) For those that passed the round above, will receive a passage and we've to recite and read out the passage given. I guess this is to evaluate on the way we speak, and communicate with others. Of course, also the pronunciation of the word itself.
3) Proceeding to the following round, I was given a set of uniform to change. This round is basically uniform fitting and skin check. I was asked to do a short catwalk and the interviewer check my hands, arms, neck, legs and thigh to see whether there are scars or visible acne.
4) Lastly, after getting through the uniform fitting and skin check round, I receive some forms that need to be filled up, and a letter regarding the date of the final interview session with the management which dated on the following week.

- END -

Final Interview with The Management
1) Only 24 was chosen overall. But 2 of them did not show up for this last round of interview, so its only 22 of us.
2) We've to introduce and talk a little about ourselves, and our background in front of 5 interviewers (Management Team) & the other hopefuls.
3) The management team will then proceed with a couple of questions for us, basically just a fun chit-chat session not so much of the tense or serious interview mood.
4) We're all told to wait for news via email for further notice.

- END -

To sum up, for those that got in, received the comfirmation email the following day.

Some little advice: For long hair girls, do tie your hair up in a bun. During the interview, there are some interviewers will go around and check on the hair. On the other hand, if you were given any forms that need to be filled up before the dateline, you should do so too.

I hope by sharing this, it would help (at least a little) for those that are interested for the next recruitment drive. All the best!

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