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FlyScoot Cabin Crew Interview process and stages - ( Updated Version 2018 )

Hi my fellow cabin crew wannabes and Flygosh readers! I have been a loyal reader of Flygosh for 4 years by now, and never have I ever thought that one day I am able to contribute something here. So, today I would like to share my experience of FlyScoot latest cabin crew interview which were recently held in Malaysia on 12th August 2018.

Pre-Selection/Online interview 

Unlike other airline, you have to go through an online interview before you can attend their walk-in interview. I saw their job posting about cabin crew at FlyGosh and thought to myself, ‘Why not give it a try?’ And so I did, I applied online and send in my resume, academic certificates and full body photo.

If you’re shortlisted, they will inform you by email within two weeks. For me, it only took about 2 days until they got back to me with the information of their online assessment. It is recommended that you do the online assessment at a quiet place with a stable internet connection and no disturbance or whatsoever so you can fully concentrate on your assessment.

The 5 assessments which you are required to complete are as follows:

1. Shapes - Measurement of Competencies (shapes): This questionnaire measures preferred behavioural style in the workplace. This questionnaire is untimed, however most people take approximately 15 minutes to complete it.

2. Verbal Reasoning (admin compact): This assessment measures ability to process verbal information. This test is timed for 6 minutes.

3. Scales eql(a) - Numeracy: This test measures ability to complete basic calculations, and is timed for 5 minutes.

4. Scales ix - Logical Reasoning: This test measures logical reasoning ability and is timed for 5 minutes.

5. Cabin Crew SJQ: This assessment presents various realistic scenarios for you to indicate a course of action depending on each scenario. This assessment is untimed but should take 15 minutes to complete.

The assessment itself was not tough but it does require full concentration to complete as some of the assessments are timed and there’s no time for you to tool around. (Oh and please complete your assessment using your laptop or desktop computer as there’s some part of the assessments that can’t be done using mobile phone!) Within one week after you have done your assessment, they will inform you if you passed your online assessment.

There is suppose to be a video interview after you passed the online assessment like what they stated in the email where they will need you to record yourself answering questions that they give you, however, that is not my case (I’ve asked some candidates at the walk-in interview and they did not go through a video interview as well) and I get an invitation email directly to the assessment instead.

And this is what you should bring for the walk in interview:

a.    Printout of the email
b.    Updated resume with contact details and address
c.    Photocopy of your passport
d.    Photocopy of your highest qualification certificate
e.    Photocopy of your Malaysian ID
f.    Completed Application with 1 passport size coloured photograph
g.    Self Declaration Form 

And also a blue pen and pencil!

Assessment/Walk in Interview
They have stated in their email that you are allowed to wear attire that you deem appropriate and I wore a formal outfit with white blouse and knee length pencil skirt as I thought this is the most appropriate outfit to wear for an interview, however, I did saw a girl who wore t shirt with jeans to the interview and unless you want to stand out (in a bad way) I do not recommend to dress like that for an interview since you are suppose to showcase your professionalism.

Stage 1: Document/Height/Scar Check

When I reached the venue at 8.45am (the interview starts at 9am), there are already plenty of candidates waiting (approximately 180+ candidates if I am not mistaken) in the office. They started out by calling your queue number that was given to you in the invitation email to a room to conduct document check and also height and scar check.

If you are shorter than 157cm (for girls) or 165cm (for boys), do not waste your time trying as their height requirement is for safety purpose and not just because they think cabin crew should look tall and pretty. Theres a girl that failed the first stage as she is one cm shorter than the minimum required height. Hence, they are very strict about their height requirement.

Stage 2: English Test

After we passed the first stage, we are required to sit for a timed english test. The words they used in their test is very PROFOUND so be prepared! You will be given 10minutes to complete the mcq test and I did not finish my test as I wasted too much time on re-reading questions that I do not understand. So if you see question that you don’t understand, pass and finish other question first and only go back to those questions that you don’t understand if you have time!

After we hand in our test paper, they did a briefing with us and show us some presentation in order for us to know more about the culture of Scoot and also gave us a toilet break while they are marking our test paper.

20 minute passed, an interviewer came out and start calling candidates number, almost half of the number of candidates was called and they are required to leave the room that we are in and because my number was not called, I am extremely worried that I failed the test. However, it turns out that the numbers that were not called are the one that passed the test! After this round, there are approximately 80+ candidates left.

Stage 3: Individual Presentation

After the test, we are separated into a few groups and there are approximately 10-11 people in a group. We are required to sit in a semi circle and each of us have to pick a random word that will be our presentation topic from an envelope. Each person have only 2 minutes to think and 2 minutes to present. For example, you can look at the topic that you have randomly picked after the person infront of you started their 2 minutes presentation and you’ll have to stand up and do your presentation immediately after the person infront of you had done their presentation.

The words that they give are very random, it could be a country, an activity, fruit or even an occasion. This round is to test if you have the ability to think quick and how well you are able to gather your thought and present yourself in a short amount of time. The word I get is ‘Taiwan’ and although I have never been to Taiwan I have managed to talk about what they’re famous of and how I wanted to travel there.

You don’t have to present for exactly 2 minutes, almost all of us in the group did not and yet everyone in my group passed this round except for a boy who get ‘cycling’ as his topic and literally only presented 2 sentences and then told the interviewer that he does not cycle so he had no idea what he can present. Please do not do that. You have to be confident and try to say something even if its not completely related to your topic, do not stand up and say nothing. What they’re looking for is not the content of your presentation, but how confident are you in presenting yourself.

Stage 4: Group Discussion

After the individual presentation, we are immediately assigned to another group with 10 people. We were then given a booklet with a lot of information related to the discussion topic and we are required to read through the booklet in 5 minutes and start your group discussion with your group members for another 10 minutes.

The interviewer will be at the side observing the group discussion and the key to this round is to let your opinion be heard. Do not get too aggressive, do not talk over someone, once you feel like you have get enough point through, give some chance to others and let them talk. At the beginning of the discussion I was lost and my groupmates are all very talkative, so I didn’t know when is appropriate for me to speak and almost after the half of the discussion, there’s a very kind girl that turns to me and ask about my opinion and I honestly couldn’t thank her enough because she let me have the chance to voice out my opinion and if it wasn’t for her I might already get eliminated in this round.

After the group discussion, the interviewer will choose 1 person to stand up and summarize everything that you and your group had just discussed and the interviewer actually picked me. And from what I heard from others, the interviewer will pick someone who they think have that potential but didn’t get a chance to speak to do the summarization. So thank God for that and everyone in my group passed this round too!

Stage 5: Role Play/1 to 1 interview

After an hour lunch break, we were asked to wait for our turn for the final 1 to 1 interview. Theres around 50 people left in this round. Please remember to always maintain your professional image (as in the way you talk to your friends and your posture) as you never know if they are observing you. I would personally recommend you to bring a book so you can read while you wait as the waiting time can be very long and the usage of mobile phone is not allowed and may lead to elimination, you don’t want to risk that, right?

After about 2 hours of waiting, it is finally my turn for the 1 to 1 interview. When they called out my number, my hand was sweating so much since I was very very nervous. Before they ask you any questions about your resume and to interview you, you’ll be given a paper with a scenario written on it (scenarios that you may face when you become a cabin crew) and you will be given 1 minute to read through and understand the passage. After 1 minute, the interviewer will conduct a role play with you where she/he will act as a customer complaining over something and you will have to deal with the situation.

This is to test if you can handle an emergency situation calmly and able to think on your feet. The key is to always show empathy and apologize for the situation and try to come out with a win win solution. After the role play, the interviewer will ask you questions according to your resume and it’s just some usual job interview questions so don’t be nervous!

Remember to always think before you answer and maintain eye contact and smile when you are talking to your interviewer! The interviewer that interviewed me is actually very friendly and kind so this round of the interview is more like a chit chat with friend and she actually told me that she is impressed that I am really calm while handling sticky situation.

After the interviewer, we were told to go home and wait for their email as they will email us if we are shortlisted. And around 2 hours after I went home I get the email stated that I am accepted and is required to go for a contract briefing on the next day!

For anyone that wants to try, please do! I’ve always doubted myself and since I’ve tried another airline interview and failed few years back, I was really scared that I am going to disappoint myself again. But here I am, I passed Scoot interview in first try! Always believe in yourself and be prepared for the interview then you will definitely nail the interview! To my fellow cabin crew wannabes, see you in the sky! 

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