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Cathay Pacific Pilot Recruitment - Cadet Pilot ( Hong Kong )

At Cathay Pacific, we don’t just train Second Officers, but future captains. If you have a passion for flying and the ambition to develop a career in aviation, we would like to hear from you. By joining Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot programme, you will receive sponsored training to become a pilot to operate regional, long haul and ultra long haul flights. Applications to the 55-week Cadet Pilot Programme are open year-round. Grab the opportunity to start your flying career today!

Apply now if you are:
  • A Hong Kong Permanent resident
  • Graduated from secondary school with good passes in English language, mathematics and a science subject, or a degree in any discipline (science background is advantageous but not mandatory.)
  • Physically fit and qualified for a Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD) Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Able to meet our flight deck reach requirements
  • Achieve ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) English Language Proficiency level 4 or above
  • Aged 18 years or above
We will prepare you to fly by:
  • Offering comprehensive ground school theory training and programmes to ensure you build your skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Providing you with support from world-class instructors who will teach you the theory of flying, systems and regulations required to succeed as an airline pilot
You will then learn to fly by:

  • Spending time in both single and twin-engined light aircraft (DA40 and DA42)
  • Practising in jet aircraft Simulators and learning Airline Operating Procedures, Large Jet Handling and Multi-Crew Flying
  • You will receive more information about joining Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong as a Second Officer upon successful completion of the Cadet Pilot programme.
If you hold an ICAO Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), you can apply for the Pre-qualified Cadet Pilot programme

To apply, please click here

For enquiries, please email

Cathay Pacific is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Personal data provided by job applicants will be used strictly in accordance with our personal data policy and for recruitment purposes only.  All data will be kept on file for up to 24 months from the last date of submission or update.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Emirates Airline Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Open to all Nationalities )

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To apply, please click here

Click here to go to the Emirates interview process and stages

You can also check out Emirates cabin crew salary details 

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

The real truth about being a Singapore based Japan Airlines crew including full salary details - ( Updated Version 2019 )

Congratulations, you found this valuable article at FlyGosh! The reason why there is so limited information about JAL cabin crew on top of sns (social networking service) rule, the main reason is probably because there are barely 100 JAL Singapore based crew. There are over 5000 crews in Japan Airlines.

If you are considering Japan Airlines, you probably (1) got rejected by SIA for whatever reason, (2) really love Japan and the culture, (3) you can speak Japanese, (4) your mum asked you to.

Here, I will share as much as possible, the good and the bad of being a SIN based JAL crew.

Japanese lesson
Singapore Training
Japan Training
Salary during training
OJT (on job training)
Salary after training
Salary scheme, Allowances, Medical, Benefits
Flight schedule and destination
Working culture
Pros and Cons

After you pass the interview and the medical exam, you will be invited to view the contract. You are given one month to consider signing the contract. During the one month, if you have no Japanese background you are required to attend 4 basic Japanese lesson, Friday evenings 2.5h at Ikoma Language School (Shaw House). You have to learn to read, write, listen and given a set of words to learn and be tested every week.

Japanese lesson
The 20-month bond (including training) starts the day you sign the contract. You have to wear standard Japanese style black and white business attire, bun up hair, company standard plain pumps, natural nail colour, black handbag. You will attend Japanese lesson at Ikoma Mon-Fri 10am-6pm for one month. You have to learn to read, write, listen, learn a list of 40-80 new words daily and have spelling test every day, learn grammar and how to form sentences. Two main exams, the mid-term and final exam – written and listening. The passing mark is 80%. If you fail, you have a retest. It is fast-paced for beginner but trust yourself to pull this through. The Japanese teachers are very patient, engaging and teach really well.

Singapore Training
There are few days of non-Japanese training in the JAL office (airport) before and after Ikoma training. Although the real training starts in Japan, some lessons will be conducted by SIN based seniors. You will have to start memorising the emergency training in Japanese.

JAL SIN based has a very strong Chinese/ Singlish culture. We are primarily hired for knowing Chinese/ Mandarin although I am still quite puzzled about this being the main reason. Do not be surprise when you are brief and taught using mandarin by the seniors and management. After working you will know that mandarin is mostly used to gossip about the Japanese crew at work.

After knowing your batch mates and seniors you will realise JAL do not hire based on appearance, you will be amazed at how well your nerdy batch mates can perform during training and is good at this job but also question how some people are still getting not kick out of training yet.

Training in Japan
Information will be given in Singapore but the seniors and management are doing the job of relaying the message from Japan. As training centre in Japan is constantly changing some aspects of the training. Singapore base is not always equipped with the answers and sometimes not sure of the details until the latest batch experience it first-hand. Management will try to give as much information and senior will share their experiences.

Flight to Japan info: 
You will be a “deadhead crew” meaning a crew member flying in a passenger seat as part of work but not part of the working crew.  Japanese style business attire, ladies can wear work pants, but must bun up hair. Allow to take off blazer at seat. Not allow to use call button or choose their meal. Only get your meal after all passenger are served. Sleeping allow.

Japan Training info:
Training schedule will not be given until you arrive in training centre, which is next day after arriving in Japan. You have to wear standard Japanese style business attire until you pass emergency training only then you get your uniform. You will have a few days to warm up, orientation, get to know your trainers, beauty class, some Japanese lesson on emergency training. You will go through two weeks of emergency training (I was shocked at the Japanese I have to memorise on top of the English ones but again trust that you can pull through it, we all did, just study). You will study about JAL philosophy, different aircrafts, first aid, customs and regulations, meal and liquor service, safety, sales, and the other main component is flight duty (the entire work flow in the cabin, be surprise at how much work and precision is required, I was constantly overwhelmed especially with the pre-flight preparation). The passing mark for all the test (mostly MCQ, older batches had to write word for word) throughout your entire cabin crew training is 80%. It is doable and encourage to get full marks. If you fail, you have to retest which is pretty normal. The trainers for my batch are generally nice and patient, lessons are conducted in English but sometimes it can be difficult to understand or communicate with them. Little emphasis is place on English during the training and in Japan Airlines.

Japanese lessons are conducted 3-4 days a week either half day or full day throughout the entire training. About 90 over conversations to be remember by the end of training. Spelling test every lesson. Two main exams, the mid-term and final exam – 3 components; role play conversation, written and listening exam. Japanese lessons trainers are generally stricter.

The training is not really sufficient considered so much time is spent on Japanese lesson. There is only one proper sales class on how to use the machine and the mock up room to practice flight duty is not realistic enough. Some of my batch mates still have problem counting the meal number and time difference after training. While counting time difference is a prerequisite for some other airline during interview.

Accommodation, everyone will have their own room with a balcony, a stove but no cooking, toilet and Japanese style bathtub. You have to clean your own room. You can change bedsheet once a week (ignore the bedsheet duty). There are washing machines and dryers you can use for free, do your own laundry. There is a cafeteria meal that cost only 500yen (S$6.25). There is a train station, some restaurants and a mall nearby. Location, look up the map of Japan you will be staying at Kozunomori near to Narita airport but the training is in Haneda airport.

By right there is a curfew of 12am every day and not allowed to stay out. By left you can actually still enter the building after 12am or the next morning. The dormitory management are quite chill about it.

There is gym and yoga centre nearby dormitory - Dunlop Sports Club and Carlo Yoga but is quite pricey and difficult to communicate with the Japanese staff.

Training hours is Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Bus will pick up at 7am and 615pm and takes about 1.5h - 2h depending on traffic. In the bus, you can do your homework, revise, study, do your make up, eat breakfast, snack, sleep, chit chat. I quite like the bus ride even though staying in Tokyo will be nice. To get to Tokyo on your off days will be a 1.5h – 2h train ride.

Salary during training

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Singapore Airlines - Flight Steward/Stewardesses Recruitment ( Walk in Interview - Malaysia )

We will be conducting a recruitment exercise for Flight Steward/Stewardesses in Kuala Lumpur . If you meet the following requirements, we will be pleased to meet you at our walk-in interview.


* Malaysia or Singapore citizen 
* Minimum age of 18 years old due to legislative requirements
* Fulfill the minimum height requirement of at least 1.58m for females and 1.65m for males in order to carry out safety and emergency procedures onboard
* Degree / Diploma 
* At least 2 principal level passes and 2 subsidiary passes in STPM / GCE ‘A’ level or its equivalent
* At least 5 credits in SPM / GCE ‘O’ level and relevant working experience
* For Malaysian qualifications at SPM level, at least 5 credits including a minimum of grade B in English and working experience are required

Successful candidates must be able to commence employment with us within six months from the date of application.


Our comprehensive 4 months training program will cover topics such as:
* Product Knowledge including Food & Beverage
* Service Procedures
* Passenger Handling
* Deportment & Grooming
* Language & Communication Skills
* Safety Equipment Procedures
* First Aid
On successful completion of training you will commence flying duties.

Remuneration & Service Benefits

You will be paid a basic salary during training. Upon graduation, you can look forward to a basic salary and various allowances amounting to about SGD$4,500 - 5000  a month. In addition, there is an annual wage supplement of one month’s basic salary and profit-sharing bonus. You will also be entitled to free travel to any SIA destination once a year and enjoy discounted travel at other times.

Application Details

Monday, May 20, 2019

Korean Air Cabin Crew Recruitment - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Korean Air invites all applicants dreaming to widen global perspective and explore the world as a Flight Attendant. If you are service-minded, outgoing, energetic and  confident, please come andfly with the most respected leader in the world airline community.

1. Application acceptance period

Opening Date : 20 May, 2019

Closing Date : 9 June, 2019 17:00 (Kuala Lumpur Local time)

2. How to apply

Please apply through the Korean Air Recruiting website : 

To apply, please click here

3. Requirements

Nationality : Malaysia

Gender     : Female

Education : Minimum college or university graduate

Language : Ability to speak and understand English well

                   - Minimum score of 550 on TOEIC required

                     Ability to communicate in Korean will be advantageous

Health       : Medically fit with fine eyesight( Corrected eyesight 1.0 or above)  
                    contact lens are acceptable 

4. Recruitment procedures

Application acceptance -> Documentation screening -> Preliminary interview -> Secondary interview -> Final interview -> Physical / Medical examination (Health checkup)

5. Reference

Documentation screening results will be announced on the Korean Air Recruiting website on 13 June, 2019.

Preliminary Interviews will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur on 25 June, 2019.

Other details will be notified after the completion of the Preliminary Interviews.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

PAL Express - Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Walk in Interview )

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  • Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • With a height of at least 5' 3" for female and 5' 6" for male
  • Weight must be proportionate to height
  • Physically fit
  • High standard of personal appearance and grooming
  • No tattoos visible while wearing the PAL express uniform
  • Clear complexion
  • Empathetic with a positive attitude
  • Willing to work in a domestic and international environment
  • Should be fluent in English and Tagalog. Foreign language is a plus

June 1 - Universidad de Zamboanga

June 22 - Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel & Tourism Management

June 29 - PALexpress HR Office at Gate 1, Andrews Avenue, Nichols, Pasay City. 

Registration starts at 9am

Please bring your updated resume with 2x2 photo. Come in corporate attire.

If you are unable to attend, pease send your latest Cv/resume to with your email title " Application for the position of Cabin Crew via "

For sample interview questions, click here and don't forget to download the free FlyGosh Ebook for more tips.

NOTE: This hiring event is OPEN TO ALL and is absolutely FREE - NO APPLICATION/PROCESSING FEE.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

FlyScoot Recruitment ( International Cabin Crew Day Roadshow - 25 May 2019)

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Job Description
In light of International Cabin Crew Day, we would like to share with you how our Scootees make each flight special! 
Get to know more about what a cabin crew does, and make new friends & have fun during our interactive games.
As long as you fulfil these criteria below, you have what it takes to be a Scootee!
  • For safety and security reasons, females should be at least 158cm and males should be at least 165cm.
  • You should have least 4 GCE 'N' Levels with Credit in English. Proficiency in other languages is advantageous.
  • No prior experience required
Block your calendar!
Date: 25 May 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 5.30pm (est)
How to sign up?
Click “Apply Now” to submit your application!
If you meet the requirements, you will receive an invitation to the event :)
This is a roadshow event, where we will be having a sharing session, games, refreshments and a Q&A segment.
If you would like to apply directly for our Cabin Crew interview, go to
Click  here to go to Fly Scoot interview process & stages  

For sample interview questions, click here and don't forget to download the free FlyGosh Ebook for more tips.

You can check out the salary details at FlyScoot - Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Salary

Click here to apply 

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Group Head -Network Management Center

One of the largest airline based in Asia would like to invite suitable candidates for the position of Group Head - Network Management Center.

● Constantly lead efforts and challenge any threat to ensure safe operations be that of company assets or staff. Act as Departmental champion for change management.

● Establish and ensure testing and currency of NOC / NMC Departmental policies, procedures and practices. Ensure currency with the Aviation Regulations.

● Ensure shared responsibility as required or appropriate within the entire group of companies across Asiafor continuation, diversion or termination of flight.

● Raise and propose mitigating actions to the COO / CEO / CFO or relevant Group companies focal for predicted or chronic Operational or Crew based impacts.

● Facilitate reviews on a regular basis with the supervisory and leadership team of Cabin Crew, Flight Operations, Engineering, Airport Team and Service Providers to review and correct any operational, system or service problems and review changes occurring within the business.

● Own corrective action against Group Airline SLA requirements for Operational / Crew related NOC items.

● Build and maintain roadmaps and resource allocation to achieve departmental objectives in a timely and effective manner covering a now to 18 month time horizon.

● Deliver and develop Operational tools/systems to support decision making and delivery

● Strive for reduction in complexity and support from automation and enhanced exception based decision making across NOC.

● Review statistical data on Group Airlines performance and, in conjunction with relevant Senior Leadership team members ensure corrective action.

● Be fully conversant with all Business Continuity and Emergency Response Procedures.

● Maintain an effective and fair roster for Network Management Center personnel with regard to leave and duty patterns in addition to performance management and staff development.

● Develop and nurture relationships with external agencies that are important to the business of the Group (Airport / Suppliers / ANSPs)

● Effectively lead, develop, groom and mentor staff ensuring capable, trusted and empowered managers and motivated team members.

● If requested act as Deputy or on behalf of the Company.

Desired Skill & Experience

● Open to all nationalities
● At least 7 years experience in a complex Operations or Network Management Centre supervisory or leadership role involving mass aircraft movement/rotation.
● High school education level as a minimum, ideally University Graduate.
● Familiarity with crew, schedule, aircraft and engineering limitations and impacts.
● Ideally Green Belt / Lean process trained.
● Proficient in oral and written English.
● Familiarity with AIMs and Navtech as Operational tools would be an added advantage.

For those who meet the requirements, please send your cv/resume to

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Saudia Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Open to all Nationalities )

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Saudi Arabia’s leading National Air Carrier has job opportunities for Saudi Nationals to work as Flight Attendants, to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard SAUDIA flights. The successful candidate will be able to work independently and perform effectively with the cabin crew team.  

This job opportunity would allow the candidate to develop their career path throughout the flying experience only, from a Flight Attendant and up to a Cabin Manager position.

Note: As per SAUDIA’s policy and procedures, Flight Attendant will be obligated for flying position only.


Responsible for the safety and service in high standards throughout the cabin.
Ensuring the consistent delivery of the onboard product.
Take initiative to address difficult issues.
Contribute to the cabin crew’s delivery of the Customer Experience. 


  • Education qualification, minimum degree of high school.
  • Achieving the required level of English Language.
  • Minimum age is 20 years old and the maximum is 30 years old (Gregorian Calendar).
  • Minimum arm reach of 212 cm on tiptoes, and height & weight must be according to SAUDIA standard chart.
  • Must pass the screening assessment as per SAUDIA’s standards.
  • Medically fit for this demanding role as per SAUDIA Medical verification. 
  • Required Attachment: (Missing any of the required attachments mentioned below will result in an elimination of the program)
  • Personal CV/Resume.
  • Valid Saudi National ID for at least 6 months.
  • Valid Passport for at least 6 months.
  • Education degree showing the overall average/GPA (minimum of High School) (If obtained out of the Kingdom, you must attach the accreditation letter from Saudi Ministry of Education).
  • Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) by QIYAS with the minimum score of 47
After passing through the medical examination, candidate must complete further required documents such as (clear traffic record from any related violations, inquiry service print through “Absher” to prove that there are no security charges against the candidate) 

To apply, please click here

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Emirates Pilot Recruitment - Direct Entry First Officer/ Captains ( Rated & Non Rated )

The Emirates Group comprises of dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning International Airline. At Emirates, our fleet growth matches our vision. 

As a global airline we operate the latest Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft, serving six continents and flying to over 155 destinations around the world.  

With a fleet of over 250 aircraft and more than 250 on order, we are one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines. 

To operate our expanding fleet we are now recruiting the best pilots globally to work within our multi-cultural team of over 160 nationalities. Besides career growth, Dubai is a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents. It also is one of the most desirable and safe lifestyle locations in the world for families and individuals. 

We offer technically proficient First Officers challenging career opportunities and progression, which include world-class training, the chance to fly an extensive international route network of wide bodied aircraft and good prospects for upgrade to Captain. 

For information on our recently updated terms and conditions for Flight Crew positions, please click here. Our Website also has a wealth of information on the airline, employee benefits and living in Dubai.

Qualifications & Experience

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Philippine Airlines - Cabin Crew Recruitment

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Report for duty as assigned by Cabin Crew Scheduling and fully prepared in accordance with company policies.Ensure a high quality of cabin safety and service through the effective management of cabin crew and cabin-related matters.

  • Filipino Citizen
  • Minimum Age: 18 Years Old
  • College Degree Holder
  • Can Speak English & Filipino
  • Female Applicants At Least 5’3”
  • Male Applicants At Least 5’6”

Priority will be given to Cebu domiciled applicants. Click here to apply.

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