Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Recruitment (Hong Kong Base)

Flight Attendant

Imagine a career where you can make a real difference in the customer’s journey from beginning to end, delivering world class passenger travel experiences. With safety and superior customer service as main priorities, and as part of the Cathay Pacific worldwide family, you’ll be building your career and our reputation as one of the world’s most admired airlines.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Carry out inflight safety and security procedures
  • Provide excellent customer service which exceeds passengers’ expectations
  • Anticipate and respond to passengers’ needs promptly and in a professional manner 

Flight Attendant (Hong Kong Base)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kuwait Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment

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We are looking for Cabin Crew able to create a truly pleasant flight experience for our passengers by providing exceptional customer service while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight.
They are trained to deal with security and emergency situations, which may arise and can administer first aid to passengers.

Cabin Crew Members Duties & Responsibilities

Basic Functions:

The Cabin Crew Member is responsible for the safety of passengers in flight and during emergencies.
Compliance to KAC Safety standards.

Adherence to regulatory requirements of DGCA, procedures and policies and performance of work is in accordance with the Company’s standard.

Duties involve providing a variety of services to passengers on board the aircraft and maintaining a high standard of customer service throughout the flight to ensure a smooth flight. 


Skills: 1.      Between 20 to 32 years of age at the time of joining.
2.      Females only and all nationalities considered.
3.      Minimum height: 160cm & weight proportionate to height.
4.      Completion of secondary education (12 years).
5.      Priority will be given to candidates with a higher education level.
6.      Fluent English (Spoken & Written) Additional languages will be an advantage. 

7.      Well groomed & physically fit to work as a Flight Attendant.

In addition to the job requirements, we believe our cabin crew should possess the following skills: 

• Good communication and Excellent interpersonal skills.
• The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers.
• Good general health and fitness .
• Positive attitude and Assertiveness.
• Ability to work flexibly in a challenging schedule.
• Being professional at the same time having empathy for others. 

To apply, please click here

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Interview process and stages including video interview tips - ( Updated Version 2017 )

Hi aspiring SIA cabin crew interviewees, I am a male candidate who would like to share my recent experience at Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew walk-in recruitment held on 11 March 2017 at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve also previously attended an earlier version held at Hotel Jen in Penang on 7 January 2017, but was unsuccessful at Round 4. 

So this article shall be a combined recount of my experience at both recruitment events. I hope that the detailed information provided here will help future candidates be more prepared and also to understand the complex process of an SIA interview and what to expect.
The entire interview is made up of about 5 rounds over a period of 2 days. Each round consists of a different panel of judges that would eliminate and advance people to the next round according to how they perform. Passing one round does not guarantee that you will pass the next or the one after the next. Hence it is very common to hear people say that all stars must align in an SIA interview in order for you to survive “not being eliminated” till the very end and finally given the employment form to fill up.


Arrival, Document Check and Queuing for Number

As advertised on FlyGosh, candidates can walk in anytime between 9am – 2pm. However, one would realise that there are already people who would queue up as early as 7am. Usually those early birds will be processed first and would be able to go through Round 1 of the interview before noon when other people are still lining up. So if you are pressed for time, try to come early.

I on the other hand didn’t want to arrive too early nor too late, so I came at about 10.30am. As I walked into the lobby, there were already an insane amount of people queuing up for a number. The recruitment in Kuala Lumpur was so overwhelming that the line was not a straight one. It winded and snaked through the entire lobby. There were also rejected candidates who were hanging around on the side in discussion with their friends. These people have already gone through Round 1 and were eliminated.

While you’re in queue, there will be floor representatives from the airline who would walk up to check your application forms and documents. Make sure that you fill in every single field as instructed, and put “N.A” for things that are not applicable to you such as the National Service section for non-Singaporeans. If you are applying with your SPM qualification, ensure that you have a minimum of 5 credits including a B in English. A few people were sent home because their English did not meet the minimum B criterion. Although not explicitly stated in the website but do bring a few passport size photos along.

Your waiting time at any walk-in recruitment largely depends on the volume of walk-in(s). For the one in Kuala Lumpur, I stood in the winding queue at the lobby for a good 2 hours. Started at about 10.30am, but was only given a number at 12.30pm when my turn came. My number was already well in the 800(s) by the time I reached the process desk and there were still about 200 people in queue behind me. After getting my number, we were told to go for lunch and come back at 2pm.

The Marking Criteria for SIA’s Round 1 Interview

When it was my turn to submit my forms at the desk, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I accidentally saw the marking sheet the airline uses to judge candidates for Round 1 on the table. They were clipping it with my application form. Round 1 is commonly known as the Round of Death as the majority of people often don’t survive at this stage. I have met many frustrating candidates who have tried many times for this interview, only to keep getting eliminated at Round 1 without knowing the reason why or how they were being judged. How can we succeed or win a war if we don’t know what the goal is? So here it is.

1.      Accent / Cohesion
2.      Complexion / Blemish
3.      Pleasant Looks
4.      Body Proportion / Frame
5.      Posture

Accent or cohesion refers to the way one speaks. So when you speak, make sure your sentences are clear, pleasant and have a consistent flow. Foreign sounding accents such as American or British, or accents that are too localised to the point of sounding too Malay or Chinese or ethnic should be avoided. Keep them neutral.

Complexion or blemish probably refers to your facial skin. Make sure to show up with good skin without any acne or conspicuous flaws. For pleasant looks, I have a feeling they are searching for warmth, approachability and also if you look the part of a cabin crew. 

Body proportion or frame is something we have no control over as it falls under genetics. However, we can do something about our posture. So make sure to always walk tall with your head up high and straighten your back. A person’s posture or way of standing can change the energy in which they bring into the room. 

I have a feeling a candidate has to score in every one of the above judging category in order to survive elimination and advance to the next round. The discovery of the marking sheet also made me realised that what you say, or the answer you give to the interviewer for Round 1 does not hold as much weight as the criteria above.

Round 1: Introduction & Random Question

After lunch at about 2pm, my new friends and I were back in the hotel and the waiting continued. I queued up this morning at about 10.30am, but was only called into the interview room for Round 1 at about 4.30pm. So in total, I have waited for about 4.5 hours if you exclude lunch.

In preparation for Round 1, you will be assigned into groups of 10 according to your numbers. So for example, candidate numbers 700 – 709 will be in one group, 710 – 719 will be in another, so on and so forth. The suspense of the wait can be nerve wrecking as you see other groups go before you. My group and I joked that it is starting to feel like an animal slaughter house where we as a herd are just waiting to meet our demise.

Once your group is called, you enter a room with 2 judges and 10 vacant chairs, of which you will sit according to the number sequence. Remembering the marking sheet for Round 1, I made sure I walked tall with good posture and my back straightened. I have a very strong feeling that the moment you enter the room, the judges are already observing you and watching your every move.
You are then tasked by the judges to stand up introduce yourself and to answer the random question that will asked. The question that my group got was: “Name one bad thing you’ve heard about Singapore Airlines”. 

The entire room froze and everybody’s jaw dropped. The question was tough and an unexpected one. How do you tell a prospective employer straight to their face how bad their airline is? The first guy had it the hardest as he stood up and struggled to speak. Everybody was thrown off guard with that question, but for us who sat in the middle still had time to think. 

One girl went into complete babbling mode about how she didn’t hear anything bad about Singapore Airlines, but proceeded to trash Malaysia Airlines for a good few minutes which was out of topic. That was painful for everybody to watch. 

I answered by saying Singapore Airlines is a very popular premium airline with travellers and economy class flights on certain routes can be sold out or unavailable when we want to book and fly with them. So it is simply a case of inability to keep up with demand. Other candidates commented on the airfare being very expensive which is very logical, and another girl mentioned that SIA does not arrange or provide its stewardesses with housing in Singapore if they are selected. 

There really is no correct answer to the questions asked for Round 1. So just answer them as naturally as you can while keeping all the marking criteria mentioned above in mind. Other questions I’ve surveyed for Round 1 from other groups included:

§  “What was a recent favourite movie you have watched, and what is the lesson you took away from it that made it your choice?” (my topic for Penang Interview)
§  What is your favourite number and why?
§  What is your favourite colour and why?
§  If you were given a free ticket, where in the world will you go and why?
§  Tell us about a favourite drink of yours.
§  Do you prefer black or white?

My Tips for Round 1

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hong Kong Express Cabin Crew recruitment

  • Have the right of abode in Hong Kong;
  • Minimum age of 18;
  • Minimum arm-reach of 208 cm and physical fitness to pass the pre-employment medical assessment;
  • Minimum of Grade E in 5 HKCEE subjects (including Level 2 or above in English & Chinese Language) OR Minimum Level 2 in 5 HKDSE NSS subjects (including English & Chinese Language) OR Equivalent;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English and Chinese including Mandarin; knowledge of other Asian languages, particularly Japanese and Korean, would be an advantage;
  • Outgoing and stunning personality;
  • Inexhaustible smile, vibrant and energetic;
  • Polished communication skills;
  • Possess a positive and customer-oriented attitude;
  • Good team player;
  • Experienced in service industry would be an added advantage.

To apply, please click here
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

FlyScoot Cabin Crew Recruitment - Based in Singapore ( March - May Intake )

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Budget Aviation Holdings ("BAH"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines Group ("SIA") formed in 2016, owns and manages SIA’s low-cost carriers ("LCCs") Scoot and Tigerair. Scoot and Tigerair offer a combined network of 56 destinations over 16 countries across the Asia Pacific, with Scoot operating an all-787 Dreamliner fleet to medium-to-long-haul destinations and Tigerair offering short-to-medium-haul flights on its Airbus A320-family aircraft from Singapore.

We want people with big smiles and even bigger personalities. People with passion—passion for travel, passion for people, passion for pushing boundaries. An airline with a different attitude. People with a different attitude. Scootitude™.

If you think you have Scootitude and can handle the excitement and challenges ahead to grow with us, apply today!

  • You'll travel the world as you fly with us...you're gonna have fun! 
  • You'll meet people from all walks of life...you're gonna meet new friends! 
  • You'll get to cater to the needs of our guests and ensure their safety.

All with a smile…and Scootitude!Job Requirements
  • For safety and security reasons, females should be at least 158cm and males should be at least 165cm.
  • You should have least 4 GCE 'N' Levels with Credit in English, proficiency in other languages is advantageous.
  • No prior experience required, experienced crew will be considered for supervisory roles. 
What's next?
  • Prepare your updated resume and full body picture, and you're good to go.

Click  here to go to Fly Scoot interview process & stages  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Flyadeal - Cabin Crew Instructor Recruitment

The Cabin Crew Instructor is responsible for conducting all aspects of cabin crew training in accordance with the GACAR’s and the company's policies, goals and objectives to ensure that all cabin crew maintain a level of high standards in safety, onboard customer service and delivery.

  • Conducts initial, recurrent and the Senior Cabin Crew promotion course.
  • Responsible for the instructional design of training courses, including their delivery, development, regulatory compliance, standards, remedial, devices and training material and delivering feedback on the effectiveness of the course material to the Manager of Cabin Crew Training and Standards.
  • Conducts training and check flights as required and to the standards set by flyadeal.
  • Accurately completes all required documentation in accordance with the Cabin Crew Manual and Chapter 8 of the FOTM following the completion of each training course; maintaining accurate records of all trainees.
  • Support and promote a culture of safety and security within the Cabin Services Department.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
  • 3 years’ experience in a training role, within the airline industry.
  • Previous Cabin Crew line operational experience, in a Senior role.
  • Recognized relevant qualification in Training (Train the Trainer), including experience in course design.
  • Holds an instructor qualification in Cabin Crew CRM, Aviation Security, Dangerous Goods and Aviation Medicine.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite and able to use Multimedia as a training tool.
  • High standard of written and spoken English and high levels of interpersonal skills.
  • Professional knowledge and skills in line with Industry Standards.
To apply, please click here

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Speed Jet Aviation - A320 and B737 Type Rating

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Complete your Transition from Piston Engine to Jet Engine within 6-7 Weeks

Speed Jet Aviation has been one of the most reputed training academy of the last decade. 

Speed Jet Aviation and its EASA APPROVED partners are offering EASA Airbus A320, Boeing B 737 & DGCA Airbus A320, Boeing B 737 Initial and recurrent TYPE RATING courses to FAA, EASA , INDIAN DGCA CPL Holders at very competitive prices.

Course Duration- 6-7 Weeks.

Course Location- EUROPE , AFRICA & ASIA.

Feel free to contact us at fg@speedjetaviation.com for more details. 

*CPL and Advance cabin crew courses also available.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Emirates Pilot Recruitment Roadshow Singapore - Direct Entry First Officer/ Captains ( Rated & Non Rated )

The Emirates Group comprises of dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning International Airline. At Emirates, our fleet growth matches our vision. 

As a global airline we operate the latest Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft, serving six continents and flying to over 155 destinations around the world.  

With a fleet of over 250 aircraft and more than 250 on order, we are one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines. 

To operate our expanding fleet we are now recruiting the best pilots globally to work within our multi-cultural team of over 160 nationalities. Besides career growth, Dubai is a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents. It also is one of the most desirable and safe lifestyle locations in the world for families and individuals. 

We offer technically proficient First Officers challenging career opportunities and progression, which include world-class training, the chance to fly an extensive international route network of wide bodied aircraft and good prospects for upgrade to Captain.

For information on our recently updated terms and conditions for Flight Crew positions, please click here. Our Website also has a wealth of information on the airline, employee benefits and living in Dubai.

Qualifications & Experience

Monday, May 15, 2017

Singapore Airlines - Flight Stewardesses/Stewards Recruitment ( Walk in Interview )

We will be conducting a recruitment exercise for Flight Stewardesses/Stewards in Singapore . If you meet the following requirements, we will be pleased to meet you at our walk-in interview.


* Singapore citizen
* Minimum age of 18 years old due to legislative requirements
* Fulfil the minimum height requirement of at least 1.58m for females and 1.65m for males in order to carry out safety and emergency procedures onboard
* Degree/Diploma (those who are graduating before December 2017 may also apply if they have any of the two educational qualifications below.)

*At least 2 GCE 'A'-level  (H2 level) credits and 2 'AO'-level (H1 level) credits including General Paper in the GCE 'A'-level examination
*At least 5 GCE 'O'-level credits including English and working experience


Our comprehensive 4 months training program will cover topics such as:
* Product Knowledge including Food & Beverage
* Service Procedures
* Passenger Handling
* Deportment & Grooming
* Language & Communication Skills
* Safety Equipment Procedures
* First Aid
On successful completion of training you will commence flying duties.

Remuneration & Service Benefits

You will be paid a basic salary during training. Upon graduation, you can look forward to a basic salary and various allowances amounting to about SGD$4,500 - 5000  a month. In addition, there is an annual wage supplement of one month’s basic salary and profit-sharing bonus. You will also be entitled to free travel to any SIA destination once a year and enjoy discounted travel at other times.

Application Details

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Malaysia Airlines - Flight Simulator Instructor

Role Purpose

Conduct simulator phase of pilot flight instruction in compliance with Regulations, Airlines policies, procedures and techniques.  

Key Accountability

  • Ensures compliance with DCA and other applicable government requirements relating to training. Gives detailed briefings on all phases of flight simulator training.  
  • Completion of training to the required standards: Completes required training records and reports. Determines and reports on student progress and proficiency.  Provides specialized instructions and counseling of weak students.
  • Continuous development of training program: Makes suggestions through channels to enhance safety and efficiency.  Assists in program development for all phases of flight instruction as directed. Assists in training of other instructors as assigned. 
  • Obtains required training manuals, course materials and supplies as necessary to conduct assigned training syllabus.
  • Training development: Develop course material in the specialist subject as requested in accordance with regulations.

Qualification & Working Experience

Diploma of IT or Engineering or Aeronautical or Science related 
 3+ yrs  previous Instructional experience as a SFI or as a TRE/TRI

Skills & Knowledge 

  • The skill to impart knowledge, requiring the instructor to take numerous different approaches and techniques
  • Broad knowledge of aircrew operations
  • Provide a safe and conducive environment for students to learn.
To apply, please click here

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Base in Singapore )

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At Cathay Pacific Airways, we pride ourselves on providing “Service Straight From the Heart” to our valued customers. With our aim to make Cathay Pacific “the world’s best airline” and to support the company’s operational needs, we invite committed and enthusiastic individuals to join our professional team of Flight Attendants.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Carry out inflight safety and security procedures
  • Provide excellent customer service which exceeds passengers’ expectation
  • Anticipate and respond to passengers’ needs promptly and in a professional manner

  • Minimum level of GCE ‘O’ Level or equivalent with a pass in English.
  • Fluency in English plus one of the following languages is required to serve our international travelers: Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean. A third language is preferred.
  • Polished interpersonal skills, with a positive attitude and customer-oriented mindset.
  • A minimum arm reaches of 208 cm and physical fitness to pass the pre-employment medical assessment.
Qualified applicants may apply by sending a detailed resume and cover letter to sin#base@cathaypacific.com with your email title as " Application for the position of cabin crew via flygosh.com "

Monday, May 8, 2017

Air Asia Flight Stewardesses/Stewards Recruitment - Walk in Interview ( Malaysia )

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To attend pre-flight briefing, during which Flight Attendant are assigned their working positions for the upcoming flight

To carrying out pre-flight duties, including checking the safety equipment, ensuring the aircraft is clean and tidy, ensuring that information in the seat pockets is up to date and that all meals and stock are on board

To welcome passengers on board and directing them to their seats;

To inform passengers of the aircraft safety procedures and ensuring that all hand luggage is
securely stored away;

To check all passenger seat belts and galleys are secure prior to take-off;

Make announcements on behalf of the pilot and answering passenger questions during
the flight;

To performs sales on meal & duty-free goods and advising passengers of any allowance
restrictions in force at their destination;

Reassuring passengers and ensuring that they follow safety procedures correctly in emergency situations;

Ensure passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and checking that there is no
luggage left in the overhead lockers; completing paperwork, including writing a flight report


We are looking for dynamic, positive and highly motivated individuals who share our passion for the ultimate excellence in service and help contribute to our growth. So if you love travelling and dream of experiencing the world, come join our AirAsia Allstars family as a Cabin Crew and come to our Cabin Crew Walk-in interviews to be held as follows:


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Come Fly a 737NG Flight Simulator Open to Public ! As low as RM 69 - Sky Simulator

Come Fly a 737NG Flight Simulator Open to Public ! As low as RM 69. Only at eCurve, Mutiara Damansara. For bookings , please call +603- 7733 4737

Monday, May 1, 2017

Eva Air - Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Thailand )

EVA Airways Corp. a fastest growing private airline in Taiwan with worldwide service network, a subsidiary company of Evergreen Group, is looking for flight attendants with the following qualifications:
  • Thai Citizen
  • Graduated from university/college and who can report to work from September/2017
  • Female, single and maximum age of 30 years old (born after 1/ January/1988)
  • At least 160 cm in height, weight in proportion to height
  • Be fluent in speaking and writing both English and Thailand languages
    (Knowledge of Mandarin or Taiwanese will be advantage)
  • English proficiency(either):
    TOEIC 500 or above
    TOEFL ITP 450 or above
    TOEFL iBT 45 or above
    IELTS 4.0 or above
  • Pleasant personality and appearance
  • Good health, good eyesight