Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Malaysia Airlines - Flight Simulator Instructor

Role Purpose

Conduct simulator phase of pilot flight instruction in compliance with Regulations, Airlines policies, procedures and techniques.  

Key Accountability

  • Ensures compliance with DCA and other applicable government requirements relating to training. Gives detailed briefings on all phases of flight simulator training.  
  • Completion of training to the required standards: Completes required training records and reports. Determines and reports on student progress and proficiency.  Provides specialized instructions and counseling of weak students.
  • Continuous development of training program: Makes suggestions through channels to enhance safety and efficiency.  Assists in program development for all phases of flight instruction as directed. Assists in training of other instructors as assigned. 
  • Obtains required training manuals, course materials and supplies as necessary to conduct assigned training syllabus.
  • Training development: Develop course material in the specialist subject as requested in accordance with regulations.

Qualification & Working Experience

Diploma of IT or Engineering or Aeronautical or Science related 
 3+ yrs  previous Instructional experience as a SFI or as a TRE/TRI

Skills & Knowledge 

  • The skill to impart knowledge, requiring the instructor to take numerous different approaches and techniques
  • Broad knowledge of aircrew operations
  • Provide a safe and conducive environment for students to learn.
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