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Air Asia X - Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant salary and benefits

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Commercial Flights Pay Scheme

Commercial flights are the scheduled flights that
depart from KUL. ( Can be seen on Air Asia booking page ) 

1.Basic Salary

FA RM 1000
SFA RM Vary***
Purser RM Vary***+ RM200 Purser Allowence

***Depends on years served.

2.Flight Pay ( Per Hour )

FA RM 26 ( RM12+BONUS RM14 If no MC )
SFA RM 34   ( RM16+BONUS RM18 If no MC )
Purser RM 34 ( RM16+BONUS RM18 If no MC )

How to qualify for Bonus?

  • Good attendance.
  • Zero misconducts in the month.
  • No late sign ONs ( more than twice )
  • 60 Flying hours and above. ( for the month )

3.Sector Allowance

FA/SFA RM 20 per sector. Eg. KUL-MEL-KUL is 2xRM20= RM 40
Purser RM 50 per sector.

 - varies from RM300~700 per month

5.Nightstop Allowance - Number of hours staying x Destination's base value

Australia ( PER,MEL,SYD,OOL ) RM300
Korea, Japan ( KIX,NRT,HND,ICN,PUS ) RM300
China ( PEK ) RM250
Middle Eeast ( Jeddah ) RM250

A)Stay 0~24 Hours 1X Base Value
B)Stay 24:01~30 Hours 1.25X Base Value
C)Stay 30:01 ~ 36 Hours 1.5X Base Value
D,E,F... Consecutively increase by 0.25X per every 6 hours more

Example PER ( Perth ) Stay total 34 Hours 20 Minutes
So, it falls into category C
Perth Nightstop Allowance would be 1.5X RM300 = RM450

Please do take note that not all flights are Nightstop flights in Air Asia X,
We do have Turnaround Stations where nightstop allowance does not apply.

Turnaround Stations - PVG ( Used to be Nightstop )

What is the average salary of a normal FA in Air Asia X?
It could go lowest at RM4000+ to highest RM7000+ Depends on your flying patterns.

For instance, You've got these 8 flights in a month.

1. KUL-CTU- KUL ( Chengdu Turnaround )
  Per sector  4 Hours 30 Minutes

2. KUL-SYD-KUL ( Sydney Nstop with 23Hours )
 Per sector  8 Hours 30 Minutes

3. KUL-KIX-KUL ( Osaka Nstop with 28 Hours  1.25X*** )
 Per sector 6 Hours 30 Minutes

4. KUL-TPE-KUL ( Taipei Turnaround )
Per sector 4 Hours 30 Minutes

5. KUL-CMB-KUL ( Colombo Turnaround )
Per sector 3 Hours 30 Minutes

6. KUL-ICN-KUL ( Incheon Nstop with 22 Hours )
 Per sector 6 Hours 30 Minutes

7. KUL-OOL-KUL ( Gold Coast Nstop with 40 Hours Long Stay 1.75X )
Per sector 7 Hours 30 Minutes

8. KUL-MEL-KUL ( Melbourne Nstop with 23 Hours )  Per sector 8 Hours

1. Basic RM1000

2. Flight Pay = CTU 9 + SYD 17 + KIX 13 + TPE 9 +
        CMB 7 + ICN 13 + OOL 15 + MEL 16
Total Hours = 99 Hours x RM26 = RM2574

3. Sector Allowance
 = 8 Flights x 2(  regardless of nightstop or not ),
= 16 X RM 20 = RM 320

4. Commission of the Month = RM500

5. Nightstop Allowance
SYD RM300,
KIX RM375 ( 300 X 1.25)
OOL RM525 ( 300 X1.75 )
MEL RM 300
Total Nightstop Allowances = RM 1800

Total Salary : RM1000+RM2574+RM320+RM500+RM1800
= RM 6194 ( Before EPF ) 

After EPF X0.89 = RM5512.66

This is an example of a good roster pay.

Charter Flights Pay Scheme

Charter flights are flights where a company or group charters our aircraft for private uses,
they are also known as golden flights as the pay is relatively high compared to
some other KUL based airlines.

In Air Asia X, the A340 is usually used to operate the flights as mentioned above.
If out of occupancy, the A330 will also be used for charter purposes.

Selection of crew to participate charter flights is basically based on

  • Crew who fly more than 6 months or a year ( Depends on the project )
  • NIL Experience of Charter ( Priority to those who haven't
    experience charter before- fair play )
  • A340 or A330 Qualified
  • Excellent performance, Healthy KPI score
Type of charters in Air Asia X -Tunisia Charter- Ferry flight ( with no passenger ) from KUL to TUN
Operation) TUN-MED/JED and some other flights

Algeria Charter - Ferry flight from KUL to ALG .
Normal Operation

  • 1) ALG - ORY/CDG/ Paris Turnaround or Layover 
  • 2) ALG - TUN/CMN/CAI Turnaround
  • 3) ALG - CZL - JED  Nightstop
  • 4) ALG- JED Nightstop

Caracas Charter - Ferry flight from KUL to MAD then based in CCS .
Normal Operation - Fixed Aircraft Pattern
Aircraft is based in Caracas, Venezuela and flies to only 2 destinations 

  •  MAD, Spain ( Madrid )
  •  EZE, Argentina ( Buenos Aires )

Other than this, there is also Jeddah Charter, Flynas Charter and so on,
which the destinations sometimes change. 

Now, the important part, yes, the pay.

The pay, we call it 1.Charter Allowance is a fixed rate of RM300 per day
when you are outbase. ( not in KL )

Regardless you fly or not, you will be paid RM300 everyday.

Let's say there is 31 Days in May, you will be paid 31 X RM300 = RM9300

Isn't it amazing? There is no free lunch in this world though.

Since you're being paid this high, you have to fly as per usual as in KL. 

The charter allowance is the same for all types of charters.

Other than this, each charter has its own 2. Fixed flight allowance, for instance, Algeria charter, you will be paid at a fixed rate 60 hours X your flight pay
according to ur rank.

Eg. 60 X RM26 = RM1560 for normal FA
If you fly less or more than 60 hours, you will still get 60 hours pay!

To conclude this charter pay scheme,

you will also get your 3.Basic salary as usual !

It means RM9300+RM1560+RM1000 = RM11860 Before EPF!

On top of this, you don't have to pay for any rental/ accommodation.
Crew will get a twin sharing room with same gender.
For some destinations, you can get ur own room, like in Jeddah and Buenos Aires.

The chance is rare, it doesn't happen all year time.

What I've mentioned above (charter flights) is uncertain as the pay scheme always changes.

Thank you for reading, I hope it inspires people.

Privileges - Crew will be offered with attractive medical and dental benefits.

Annual Leaves - Depends on years of service, regardless of rank.

Less than 2 years - 12 Days

2 to 5 years - 16 Days

5 years and above - 22 Days

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