Friday, December 24, 2010

Emirates Airline Pilot Salary

•  Monthly Basic Salary - Captain Dhs 42,015 First Officer Dhs 29,700
(Tax Free , USD1 = 3.67 Dhs )

• Hourly Flying Pay
An Hourly Flying pay is paid on block hours up to a threshold of between 83 to 92 hours.

• Productivity Pay
Productivity Pay is also available for block hours worked above the monthly Hourly Flying Pay threshold of  between 83 to 92 hours.

• Profit Share Scheme - Profit share scheme based upon the profit results of the Company

Child Education Support Allowance & Annual Leave of 42 days

• Provident Fund/End of Service Gratuity & Exchange Rate Protection Scheme

• Leave Tickets - Free annual ticket as well as eligible dependents

• Personal Life and Accident Insurance , Medical and Dental Provision

• Loss of License Insurance - Payout is dependent on age & can be up to 3 times your annual basic salary

• Company Provided Transport , Uniform and free dry cleaning

• Company Provided Accommodation or Utilities Allowance

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