Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cabin Crew Job - List of Airlines

As some of you may come from different parts of the world, I have compile a list of airlines and their Cabin Crew job requirement in the below PDF file which you can download. There are more than 45 airlines in the list from Asia, America , Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia/NZ.Those airlines listed are : -

Malaysia Airlines                       Fly Dubai                                         BMI Airlines
Air Asia                                    Royal Jordanian Airlines                    British Airways 
Singapore Airlines                     Oman Air                                          FlyBe
Silk Air                                     Bahrain Air                                       CityJet
FireFlyz                                    Air Canada                                       Thomson Airways
MasWings                                Delta Airlines                                    Monarch Airlines
Tiger Airways                            Virgin Atlantic                                   Air India
Cathay Pacific                           SkyWest Airlines                              KingFisher Airlines
Philippine Airlines                      Pinnacle Airlines                               Air Mauritius
DragonAir                                 American Eagle                                 Indigo Airlines
Jet Star Asia                             US Airways                                      Jet Airways
Hong Kong Airlines                   Virgin America                                  Sri Lankan Airlines
Etihad Airways                         WestJet                                            Qantas
Emirates Airline                        Air Canada Jazz                                Air New Zealand
Qatar Airways                          Ryan Air                                           Virgin Blue Australia
GulfAir                                     Easy Jet

You can download the list of Cabin Crew jobs by clicking here

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