Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Singapore Airlines ( SIA) cabin crew interview and stages

Below are the stages of the recent SQ cabin crew open day held in Ipoh shared by one of my reader who successfully got the job.

First Stage- Ten of us went into a room. There were 2 interviewers. We were asked to introduce ourselves with two sentences and "If you could be one thing in this world, what would it be". One by one stood up to answer the questions. Well, most of us answered Cabin crew. If possible, give answers based on the question "Why would you wanna be a Cabin Crew" in Questions and Answers in Fly Gosh.Click here

Second Stage- Four of those who successfully went through the First stage went into a room. Played Uno cards. All the cards were closed. We were divided into two groups. We had to get two cards of the same number and color and then put it aside. Each group had to find three pairs. This is to test our memory and teamwork. So communicate with your partner.

Third Stage- One on one interview. An interviewer asked me to pick a passage out of the three which were closed upside down and asked me to read the passage. It was some kind of case study. Then he asked me question based on the case study. The case that I had was "A passenger asked for a cup of cappuccino, before the drink is served, He fell asleep. Will you serve him still or wait till he's awake? (I shorten the case study, couldn't remember much)

Fourth Stage- Trying on the Singapore Airline Kebaya. A lady asked me to stand under sun light. Checked if there's any scars on face , hands and body. She then asked me to walk with the Kebaya too.

Fifth Stage- This is the last stage. There were 2 higher level interviewers. 4 of those who successfully go through all the previous stages went inside a room. There were 3 rounds in the Fifth stages. In the First round, We were divided into two groups again. We were asked "Will you say No or Yes to Plastic Surgery?". My group got the No plastic surgery. So me and my partner explained the reasons why we think it is bad, for example, Natural beauty is always the best/ God's given and etc.In Second round, each of us had to pick a passage and read it out. This is to test our pronunciation.Third round was to introduce our partner beside us.

Good Luck to those who are going for the interview. No matter what happens or how nervous you are in the interview, remember to SMILE! Be confident ! :)

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