Thursday, January 2, 2014

Direct Entry A320 Captain - Royal Brunei Airlines

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Salary Package – Cash and Non-Cash Elements

Salary - Successful applicants can expect to receive approximately BND 165,000 (approx.
USD 132,000) per annum (Tax Free) inclusive of allowances (includes, basic, supplementary,
gratuity, expatriate & flying based on average 50+ hrs per month).

Contract – Renewable contract periods of 3 years will be offered.

Accommodation – Housing allowance is provided which will sufficiently provide for a three to
five bedroom house with a garden within close proximity of the airport and Central Business

Education – There is a maximum subsidy of BND 14,400 (approx. USD 11,520) available per
child. Up to three children in Overseas or Local schooling are entitled to this subsidy (based
on overseas schooling in UK).

Leave – A generous 57 calendar days of Leave entitlement per year. This comprises of 48
days Leave and 9 days OFF roster.

Rosters – The roster program is based very closely to UK CAA CAP 371.
Medical – Medical Leave Entitlement of 14 calendar days. There is also Outpatient and
Hospitalisation reimbursement available for spouse and children.

Bonus – There are provisions for Company Performance Based Bonus to be paid at the end
of every company financial year.

Insurance – RB provides for Loss of License Insurance, Group Personal Accident, & Travel,
Group Hospital & Surgery and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. Preferential rates for
additional coverage of spouse and children are also available.

Bonding – Due to the significant financial investment involved in employing NON-Rated A320
Captains, an industry standard three year bond will be included in the contract for successful

NON-Rated Captains. Flexible bonds can be offered. Rated Captains will NOT be bonded.
Privilege Travel – Annual Free of Charge (FOC), Contract, School passage and Subsidised
tickets available.

Car Loan – Interest free Car Loan available.

Uniform – Tailored Uniforms provided by RB.

Club Membership – RB provides a company recreational club centrally located at a
subsidised rate.

Airport Parking – Provided by RB.
* Contractual terms shall be based on individual performance and relevant work experience.