Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interview Tips for Cabin Crew

This year has been a great year so far for those who want to start a career in the aviation industry as almost every month, there are airlines hiring. Further to what I have posted in Cabin Crew tips, here are some extra tips and pointers for you. First of all you must have the right mindset which means you must believe that you can be successful in the interview. Positive attitude attract positive results. For example, if you feel that you are not confident about yourself, automatically the way you speak and your body language will show the negative side. 

First impression is the best impression in any airline interview. You will be judged by the way you dress, your educational qualification, work experience, body language, manners, and ability to absorb the information and interpret it intelligently and clearly. Always be polite and friendly to everyone that you meet. Greet the interviewers as soon as you enter and say 'please and thank you' whenever required.

Some of you have told me that it’s not fair as during the interview there are current and ex crew who have the edge and experience. When I was hired, I did not have any airline experience as well. Becoming an airline crew is as much about attitude as experience. In fact, many airlines will advertise cabin crew jobs that do not need previous experience. If you have good customer service experience, then make sure this is clear in your CV. But otherwise, a positive attitude, energy and friendliness will get you a long way, experience is not crucial.

Remember, when you go to an airline interview, it’s not about you, you and you but how you sell yourself and compete with other candidates. Therefore how you present yourself and how you answer the questions thrown to you are extremely important to make yourself stand out. You don’t want to say things which the interviewers keep hearing over and over again. Also, it is important that you do not memorize any question or answers because as mention earlier in my post, everyone have different background and you can never know what question they will ask you. So how do I answer confidently you may ask? Well the only way to answer and speak well is through preparation. One extra point to note that it’s not how many questions that you can answer correctly but it’s the way you answer it.

If you don’t fully understand a question, ask for it to be repeated. If you can’t answer a question because you don’t have the relevant experience, try to give an answer that is as close as you can to what they are looking for. Keep to the point and answer the question that has been asked. Don’t get sidetracked and go off the point. If you really can’t answer that question, take a note pad and write it down and say that you will get back to them. It is better to admit if you don't know something and remember to say 'sorry' if your opinions or answers are rejected. 

Some of my readers who fail the interview told me that it is because they are being unlucky. While I don’t deny that luck is important, those of my readers who pass and got the job are those who put in a great deal of effort by studying and preparing themselves well before the interview. Some to the extent that they can tell me which post in my blog they got the info. I guess you all have heard about the saying “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”.

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