Monday, February 14, 2011

Things to ponder upon before you join any airline

To all my readers who celebrate CNY, I want to wish you Gong Xi Fai Chai and a very Happy Chinese New Year.  May all your dreams come true especially to those who want to start a career in the airline industry, plenty of luck and fortune in the year of the rabbit.

Congratulation to those who has been successful at the recent SIA, Fireflyz, Air Asia and Cathay Pacific’s flight attendant interview. Your exciting journey ahead begins now and I trust you will gain plenty of experience and have a fulfilling life.

I have been getting a lot of feedback regarding cabin crew salary especially on Cathay Pacific. I know that they do not pay their cabin crew as much as other airlines and Hong Kong is expensive. So first of all, before you join any airline, you must understand the purpose why you join that particular airline be it for lifestyle or salary. For example, if you are a family person, joining an airline such as Air Asia will be more suitable for you as you do not have nightstop and will be home daily. 

While I agree that salary is important, it’s the experience that counts and Cathay pacific is one of the airlines that offer you the chance to travel and see the world. If you are young, this is a good opportunity and exposure to broaden your horizon. If you want to complain that the salary is low, then don’t apply in the first place and go for higher paying airlines like Emirates. End of the day, you have a choice, do you? That is why I mention above that you need to know about the airline and your purpose of joining them, if not you will definitely be an unhappy person.

For example, I know there are people who tell me that they do not mind joining any airline so long they get to be a cabin crew only to regret in the end when they do so blindly. Now, they tell me they can’t wait to resign or hope to join other airlines, so what happen to the cabin crew dream? Some low cost airline have such a hectic roster that their crew fly above 120 hours per month and they realize that this is not what they have wanted.

There is no perfect airline for anyone unless you know what you want for yourself.  So next time before you go for an airline interview, ask yourself whether are you going in for the money, to fly and yet be home daily or to see the world. Most important is you have the passion and going to work will be fun instead of you feeling down and dragging yourself to work.

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