Saturday, April 19, 2014

MH370’s disappearance has brought cabin crew closer, says chief stewardess

PETALING JAYA: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 has brought “the cabin crew closer”, says a chief stewardess of the airline.

In a video posted on Malaysia Airlines’ Facebook page, Saturday, Farisha Mohamed Shariff said that there were many former cabin crew who had turned up to offer support.

“They have not been in the cabin crew life for 10, 20 years … Suddenly they turn up, supporting us ...,” she said in the 3:34-minute YouTube video that has been widely shared on social networking sites such as Facebook.

There were altogether 12 crew and 227 passengers on board flight MH370 that went missing in the early hours of March 8.

Farisha said that she had worked closely with all the crew onboard MH370.

She said that stewardess Tan Ser Kuin liked to ask others about lipstick shades because she thought her own colours were not nice.

Farisha also said that chief steward Andrew Nari had given her a shoulder massage back in January when she was very sick. She said that Andrew had been called in to replace her at the last minute because of her illness.

“We actually need one another … We support one another. Most importantly, when we are away on our birthdays, on our anniversaries, they are always there celebrating it with us,” she said through tears.

Farisha also said that some passengers had been understanding and came up to offer support. She said on the day of the day MH370 went missing, a passenger onboard Farisha’s flight dropped her bags and hugged her without saying anything else.

“I had a passenger from an Australian destination who gave us a card … I read it over the PA so other passengers heard what was written on that card.

“I had (former F1 driver) David Coulthard on that flight and he hugged me and said I feel for you guys …,” she said.

Article taken from TheStar

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