Tuesday, March 4, 2014

FireFly Cabin Crew Interview Process & Stages

My interview experience with FireFly interview was up to last year June 13’. To be frank, I didn't really keen on this airline compare to airline AA & MAS. Hence, I didn't really prepare myself to attend the interview. 

The process of interview though FireFly cabin crew interview is pretty simple. Again, I was just relaxed and chill to put on makeup and my mood was good, because I took the day as a normal working day. The interview conducted at Hotel Berjaya Times Square and I thought this interview won't be crowded or much people coming for the interview.

Oh well, I was so wrong! The crowd was beyond my imagination and everyone was busy filling up the registration form. I observed, the candidates were mostly Malays and Indians. Surprisingly, there was ex-crew from other airlines coming for the interview.

Well, let's proceed to the interview stages. As I mentioned early, Firefly Cabin Crew Interview was pretty simple. It was only 2 stages for the whole interview. As usual, the first stage was cat-walking, introduction and Q&A session.

For this stage, 5 candidates been called into a room. I remembered 3 interviewers in the room for this stage and they looked very serious. First of all, we need to do a cat walk in front of the interviewer. Don't assume this is a simple stage and just simply complete it. As the interviewers were observing our posture and face expression all the while.

You have to show your friendly and warm smile to them and not to forget show them that you are ready to be a flight attendant. Remember the first expression is very important! You have to catch their eyes on you, let them feel that you are the one they looking for.

After cat walking, we need to do a simple introduction about ourselves. I always use the simplest way to do the introduction: 

WHO am I?

WHAT am I doing now?

WHY I come for the interview?

HOW do I approach my dream to getting closer? (What's my preparation) and 
WHERE am I after 5 years?

Trust me, this is the easiest way to introduce yourself and the message deliver to the people is pretty straight forward. After the stage done, the interviewers asked us to wait at outside of the room for the result whether we are manage to get into the next stage. It's pretty fast to get the result, just within 10 minutes.

The second stage was kind of similar as the first stage, 5 candidates were called into the room but this time there was 4 interviewers. They are fun and friendly which makes you feel more like chit chatting with friends and less tension. We talked about why are we dream to be a flight attendant? Why do we chose FireFly instead of other airlines?

After the chit chatting, an announcement is requested to be read out by using a microphone, one thing need to hold in your mind - read loudly with confident. When you get the announcement paper, you may allow to go through the message before read it loudly. This is to help you to avoid any wrong pronunciation or sticking from the words.

For this stage, it would take you some time because the interviewers would ask you to pick up a small piece of paper from a little basket. In the paper, you can get the topic that you are going to present to everyone. I remembered my topic was 'Penang'. When I picked the topic, I'm so happy and excited because I have been travelling to Penang almost twice a year.

Hence, I am quite familiar with Penang. I share about places heritage tourism attractions, some local food and the culture. I'm so confidence that the interviewers were buy my presentation... =P After everyone done the presentation means we were complete the interview and the interviewers asked us wait for the call within 2-3 weeks.

Peeps, remember walk to the interviewers and thanks for them before you leave the room, this would be a bonus point for you. I had realised some of the candidates just walked away from the room, it's so rude!

No matter where you are, just put on your sweet smiling on your beautiful face and greet everyone even though just a security guard standing at a side, take the initiative talk to people. All these are the basic requirement of the flight attendant, so just show them the best of you! Be who you are and never ever apologise for that! GOOD LUCK~ ;)

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