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Emirates Cabin Crew Interview Process & Stages ( Updated Version - 2014 )

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Hi Flygosh members! I believe each of you must be feeling excited and desperately wanting to know more about how the airlines recruiting their crews, also how did the interview progress till the end. Therefore, I’m here to share some of my past experiences and hoping that Andy would publish my article for all of the readers in order for all of you to make it till the end 

Well, let’s begin with Emirates Airlines, personally I have tried both of the recruitment on 2014. Don’t get me wrong as I didn’t make it into first round for the first recruitment, which is on 10th of Jan 2014 at The Renaissance. That was the first airlines I attend to its walk-in, however, I fail to make it because I didn’t prepare enough. Then I tried for second time which is on 26th Feb 2014 which is conducted in Ritz-Carlton. Unfortunately, I did not successfully got into the last interview though it was so close to the end 
Still, I would love to share some of the bits that I have experienced. Before the interview, make sure you are ready and fully prepared as Emirates interview process can be really though and strict. Frankly saying, I wasn’t in a good condition when I was attending Emirates walk-in as I had a hectic week and was feeling depressive. 

That’s why I need all of you to do me a favor which is to keep yourself motivated and surround yourself with the positive attributes before the interview. So, here it goes with a list before the INTERVIEWS :

Do some history and background of the airlines (a week ago would be best as there is quite a lot to study especially in remembering the names and dates)

Make sure you have a Full-Length and Passport Size Photo (with white background and business attire), they are pretty strict in this.

Go to their site and apply online with all the required attachments (resume/cover letter, full-length and passport –size photo) trust me, you have to do all these in order for you to nail it on the first day!
Go to YouTube and play some of their clips to study about their airlines as well as the crew’s life(tips : remember to check on the make-ups, hair and attires). You can study cabin crew tips from FlyGosh by clicking here

Remember to polish your nails, for females, do some manicure with nude, clear or red colors. For males, as long as it’s clean and neat.

Do some stretching for those who are about 158cm till 162cm as you might be facing a strict arm-reach test(for those who are not able to reach above the line, will be just sent home immediately and are not allow to participate for the group discussion as this will be the end of the interview).

Eat more vegetables and fruits, put on some masque and sleep early to give your skin have a better complexion.


Wake up early and get ready, the best is to arrive there at 8 am, an hour before the interview starts. Trust me, arriving early is always better than arriving late even it says 9am till 4pm. The interviewers will have a better mood in the early and meet them while your face is still looking fresh, it will be a certain plus for it!

Remember to have a breakfast before you depart to there or grab some snacks along with you.
Ladies, it’s not necessary for you to tie your hair into bun but it has to be clean and tidy. Also, try some light make ups with the big chili red lipstick (just like how the Emirates girl’s lips look like). 

Remember to wear a dress(till knee length) with a black/navy blue coat as it will look more professional. Wear a skin color panty socks and a slightly high heels with the toes covered. For men, a business suit is preferable (tips: no jeans /sandals/casual wears are allow)

Look at the mirror and smile genuinely, tell yourself that you can do it for sure.
After arriving, remember to keep your smile and greet anyone you met if possible from the entrance till the room. (tips : you will never know who is the interviewers so make sure present the best on the day and keep it till it’s over)

There will be some hotel agents whom will direct you to the room. After all, you may sit there or grab some complimentary coffee/tea(if there is) and make some new friends while the waiting for the time to pass. (tips :don’t be nervous, try to be calm , smile, and talk mannerly)

When the clock tick till 8.45 am, the interviewers will be entering the room to check the crowds and try to arrange the queue( depending on the crowds and separate it into batches)

Then, the interviewers will introduce themselves, explaining the schedule and what to wear/ to bring if you’re shortlisted on the next day. They will distribute a summary of the emirates cabin crew in paper form and an application form which we just have to fill in some common details (e.g names, highest qualification, languages, phone number and etc.) 

Make sure you fill it in a BLACK PEN and BLOCK LETTER, also make sure the phone number is accurate as they will call you once you’re shortlisted. Write your reference ID for your online application ID on the top of the right corner column.

They will then start collecting the CV/Resume(ONLY CV/ Resume * others are not require and they will not accept on the day), both of your passport size and full-length photo also the small paper they gave to you. (tips : though they might say it’s okay not to have the photos or if you did not complete the online application, but trust me, these are essential! So make sure you completed all!)

Remember to greet them or make an initiative to shake their hand, they will ask you some simple question (tips : keep the smile, don’t talk too much, just be humble and nice) , end with a greets by saying Thank you and enjoy your stay. (They will instantly know who they want to pick and shortlist for the next day by that short-while, so present the best of yours to them)

After the submission, you are free to go and wait for the call.(They will let you know by when before the submission starts). The call is about 15seconds length and they will inform you about the candidate number you hold for the next day. If there is no call, I’m sorry to say that “Please TRY AGAIN!”


Wake up early in the morning, get yourself prepare and I’m sure they have mentioned to you that for females, you have to tie your hair in bun(just like how the Emirates girl did) and for males, hair has to be neat and tidy. As for attire, business attire will be preferable (it’s okay that you’re not to be suit-up)

Grab a breakfast and take some snacks along with you as it’s going to be a long day!
Remember your numbers and be there as early as 30 minutes (they will call out the numbers at 8.50am, also, to be a cabin crew, punctuality is essential, make sure you don’t mess up your first impression)

After arrive, you may just sit around and for ladies, you may clean yourself up or do some touch up if it’s necessary.

At 8.50 am, the interviewers will gather all of us and distribute the name according to the numbers and make sure you’re there! They will then ask you to enter the room where they will explain the process of the day and do some briefing regarding with living in Dubai and Emirates Airlines.

After the briefing, they will start to separate us into the groups, for my batch, there are 72 of us whom got shortlisted out of 400 people. We were divided into 4 groups (each groups are about 16 people). They will call out the 1 and 2 group into the room while 3 and 4 have to wait out there(it’s beneficial for those who are in 3 and 4 as you may take the time to know your team mates before the group discussion starts).

Once you’re in the room, they will begin the day with a group discussion while doing the arm-reach test (212cm) and asking if you have any visible tattoo or scars. You have to be partnered with your mates who are sitting next to you. They will distribute a card which might be a tree, tomatoes, hanger or anything for you to discuss with your mates. Each of us to come out with an idea. (Mind that for those who fail the arm-reach test will be sent off immediately).

After finishing the arm-reach, they will swap into different group to evaluate our presentation. During the presentation, remember to greet, mention your number and name, as well as your partner and the topic you’re going to present. Make it first, second and third points, be clear and maintain your eye contact as well as your smile. 

They will then ask us to wait out there as they try to eliminate some of us. We will receive a letter according to the numbers in which says “Congratulation…” or “Thank you…” For those who manage to go for second stage will have to take the English test and for those who are unsuccessful, please kindly try again after 6 months.

The English test will be an hour long and it has 40 questions of the multiples choice and an essay to write. The essay can be about yourself (weakness and strengths/what was the most regretful thing you have done and etc). Make sure you write the point and it has to be a valid answer. Again, after the test, you will be receiving the letter of “Congratulations..” or “Thank you..”

Then, you may enter the last stage of the day which is the group discussion again.  Be aware of this stage as the numbers of people are getting lesser and they will pay more attention on you. Here is where they will provide a situational question for each group to solve. 

Each group has to come out with a solution and present it to the interviewers.(The presentation will be done by using role playing method) During the discussion, you have to talk assertively with your mates and contribute some ideas as they will know if you’re not. Also, be a time keeper as time management is important for a cabin crew when you’re on-board. (tips :Remain calm and be professional.)

Again, by the end of the day, you will receive either “Congratulations…” or “Thank you…” Of course for those who are able to make it through, you are honored to attend for the last 1 on 1 interview J For those who are not able to make it, please kindly reminded you are eligible to apply after 6 months. Please bear in mind that if you fail the last interview ( 1 on 1), you might have to wait for a year to re-apply it.

Nevertheless, just do your best for it. I am sorry that I couldn’t provide any information for the last round as I have not personally experience it. Still, thank you for spending your time on reading through and I hope all these may give you a little head-up on how the process can be done. Also, wish all of the Flygoshers all the best for whichever airlines you will be attending to. Thank you.

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