Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top 10 Most popular post in 2017

While we are excited to keep you updated with more airline/aviation opportunities next year, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular post this year at FlyGosh. These post are ranked based on page views recorded in 2017.

1) Cadet Pilot - Singapore Airlines ( Open to all Nationalities - Fully Sponsored )

Our top post goes to Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot as this opportunity is indeed a rare one offering full scholarship to all nationalities worldwide. In addition to that, it's a great programme since it offers potential cadets an opportunity to fly wide body jets around the world.

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2) Singapore Airlines - Cabin Crew/Flight Stewardess Salary & Benefits ( Updated - 2017 )

Salary information always attract the highest attention, after all , who doesn't like to know the money that they will earn each month :). Singapore Airlines does offers one of the best paid salary packages to their cabin crew, only downside is the high cost of living in Singapore especially on rent.

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3) Etihad Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Open to all Nationalities ) 

With Emirates scaling down on their recruitment in the UAE, Etihad continue to hire aggressively offering potential candidates a great salary package at the same time the opportunity to fly round the world. They offer tax free salary and accommodation and transport is included plus various other great perks and benefits. Most importantly, this opportunity is open to worldwide applicants.

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4) Cabin Crew Interview Tips 

We first wrote this article 7 years ago and it continues to be one of our top post since the information is pretty much still relevant today. It provides cabin crew wannabes an idea on what to expect during an interview and especially for those who want to start a career in the aviation industry.

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5) Air Asia Cabin Crew Recruitment - Walk in Interview

While many other airlines are scaling down on recruitment or worst, offering retrenchment to their employees, Air Asia continue to expand and grow aggressively within the region having recruitment almost every single month . Air Asia won the best low cost airlines consecutively within the last few years and it is one airline that offers career stability. There are many opportunities within the company should one decide to move to another role, for example, cabin crew to pilot.

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6) JetStar Asia Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Based in Singapore ) 

JetStar is another popular airline in Singapore where they do have active cabin crew recruitment. They do hire foreign candidates ( only for certain countries ) and a great opportunity for those who are keen to fly and and willing to be based in Singapore.

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7) Philippine Airlines - Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Walk in Interview )

As the national carrier of the Philippines, Philippines Airline and it's sister company PAL express is one the most popular if not the top choice for Filipinos to start their cabin crew career. They have an extensive network both in their domestic and international routes, offering potential candidates the chance to experience the world.

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8) Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Recruitment - Walk in Interview ( 2017 ) 

Cebu Pacific is the largest low cost airline in the Philippines and has been growing exponentially within the last few years. They have been hiring cabin crews almost monthly and continue to expand on new routes to fly. Certainly, a great company to start a cabin crew career.

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9) Malaysia Airlines Pilot Recruitment - Cadet Pilot 2017 

Malaysia Airlines has not been hiring Cadet Pilot for quite some time, so it's no doubt that when it open this opportunity, it attracts a lot of potential candidates and made it to our top 10 post. Unfortunately this position is only open to those who have a Commercial Pilot License and not for fresh zero hour candidates . Still a great opportunity especially for those those self sponsored cadets who is looking for their first Pilot job.

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10) Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Base in Singapore ) 

Cathay Pacific is quite special since they do have openings for overseas based crew other than their hub in Hong Kong, where they mostly recruit locals or those who have a Hong Kong ID. Good opportunity for those who want to work for one of the best airline in the world at the same time based in Singapore.

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