Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cadet Pilot - Virgin Australia

Following the success of our inaugural program in 2012, Virgin Australia continues to change the face of the Australian aviation landscape through the continuation of our Pilot Cadetship Program in partnership with Flight Training Adelaide. Our Pilot Cadet Program selection process for 2013 commences on 1st July 2013 and successful cadets will commence training in late November 2013.

The Virgin Australia Pilot Cadet Program is a unique opportunity to play an integral role in shaping the evolution of this iconic brand, and to become a part of a dynamic company that genuinely believes and demonstrates our people are our greatest asset.

We seek candidates who are motivated and committed to excel through a challenging and demanding training program. Successful Cadet’s will demonstrate well established analytical skills, high attention to detail, well developed problem solving ability together with a commitment to achieving high results.

Commencing a career as a commercial pilot requires a high level of dedication and passion. In return for this you will be placed in a world class training program and will receive the benefits of working with an internationally recognised flight training school.

To assist you with the transition to a career as a pilot, you will be assigned a mentor to provide you with guidance and advice. Your mentor has been selected from our highly experienced & high performing pilot group.

Once you successfully complete the program, you can look forward to a career within the Virgin Australia team taking off on the ATR or F50 in our regional fleet as a First Officer.

For more information and to apply for the cadet pilot program, please click here

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