Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flight Instructor ( South Korea ) - Opportunity to progress to Korean Air as First Officer

Korea Aerospace University (KAU) is a leader in Aviation and Aerospace education in Korea. 
Flight Training Center in KAU has opened her 3rd flight training center with top-notch quality 
at Uljin airport located eastern part of South Korea. The training center has been planned and 
driven and supported by the Korean government.

1. Job Details
     We are looking for dedicated full time professional flight instructors to work in our Uljin flying 
school. 1 year contract and will be extended by mutual agreement.

2. Position : Flight Instructor

3. Pay
    Gross payment: The starting Gross annual payment will be approximately USD 40,000 including 
salary, per-diem, tax, medical insurances, retirement grants and extra pay for flight/FTD hours 
(Expected flight instruction hours per year : 780hours). The gross annual payment will be increased 
by $5,000 upon completion of successful 6 months of flight instructor duty as followings
                           - 1st 6months : $40,000/year ($3,300/month)
                           - 2nd 6months : $45,000/year ($3,700/month)
                           - 3rd 6months : $50,000/yesr ($4,100/month)
                           - 4th 6months : $55,000/year ($4,500/month)

4. Benefit Details
      - Outstanding and dedicated instructors will obtain job interview opportunities for KAL's 
first officer position upon completion of successive 2 years of flight instructor duties.
      - 2 one-way international airline tickets for commencement and completion of the contract.
      - One round trip international airline ticket for vacation
      - Local transportation (1~2 times per month to Seoul area)

5. Aircraft : Cessna Skyhawk C-172R, C-172SP, Diamond DA-42NG

6. Experience required : At Least 200 Hours of instructional duties

7. Pilot License & Doc. Required
      - Current CPL/IR with CFI/CFII (Prefer MEI rating holder)
      - 1st class medical certificate
      - 4 year University degree

8. Duty : Flight/FTD/Ground Instruction & Briefing

9. Annual leave : 12 days per year

10. Contract Terms : 1 year (extendable contract)

11. Language : Native English Speaker

12. How to apply 
If you are interested in above the position,  please send your resume with your email title as 
" Application for the position of Flight Instructor via flygosh.com " to geraldwinnie@kau.ac.kr  
with the following documents : -
        - Resume
        - A original copy of Univ degree
        - A copy of pilot license
        - A copy of 1st class medical certificate
        - A copy of the last pages of flight log book

13. Interview
All applicants are required to attend job interview and practical evaluation on your flight and 
teaching skills.We will inform specific dates and places for the evaluation to each applicant who 
meet requirements.The evaluation and interview is available both in Korea and U.S.

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