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Cadet Pilot - TigerAir (Self Sponsored CAE OAA A320 MPL Program )

If your ambition is to embark upon a full-time career as an airline pilot - and achieve this ambition, quickly and professionally in a highly structured way, with people of like mind, then our Tigerair MPL Training Program is the program for you.

The Tigerair MPL training program incorporates Tigerair’s specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from an early stage in the training and requires Tigerair to mentor pre-selected cadets through a custom-made course and into type, base and line training for Tiger’s fleet of A320 aircraft. Taking about 15 months to achieve licence issue, from where line training and employment with Tigerair commences.

Completion of the course leads to the issue of a CAAS Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) with a Type Endorsement for an Airbus A320 aircraft.

Course Outline

The Tigerair MPL program consists of CAAS ATPL ground theory training plus four phases of Flight & Simulator Training:
  1. Core Phase, covering ab initio training including the CAAS PPL
  2. Basic Phase, covering multi crew concepts (MCC)
  3. Intermediate Phase (FFS)
  4. Advanced Phase (FFS), A320 Type Rating

CAAS ATPL Ground Theory Course - Singapore


All Air Transport Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence theory subjects are covered prior to completion of CAAS ATPL Ground Theory exams in Singapore.

Core Phase - Melbourne

  • Foundation flying skills
  • Integrated threat and error management is focused on leadership through effective communication and single pilot decision making.
  • Includes Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) and the CAAS Private Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence – PPL(A)

Basic Phase - Melbourne


Foundation instrument competencies in a multi-crew environment and Tigerair centric Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are emphasized.

Intermediate Phase - Singapore


Jet transportation operations are introduced within a realistic operational environment using Tigerair SOPs.

Advanced Phase - Singapore


Scenario-based training emphasizing degraded modes of operation, and manoeuvre-based training that concludes with aircraft type specific training (Multi-crew Pilot Licence)

Unique Features

  • Tigerair and CAAS recognised course
  • Tigerair specific flight training
  • Focused Theoretical Training
  • Multi Crew and Jet Orientation Training
  • A320 Endorsement

Course Overview

Ground Training (800 hours)

  • ATPL(A) Theory
  • First Officer Fundamentals
  • Crew Resource Management
  • A320 Technical Training

Flight Training


Total Duration

15 months (approximately)

Interested in this program? View details of our application and assessment process.

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