Saturday, November 25, 2017

Air Asia Cabin Crew Interview Process and Stages - ( Updated Version 2017 )

As another AirAsia interview will be held this coming month,I would like to share my experience during their recent intake with all of you. Here are the stages that you have to go through :

1. Height check
2. Document check
3. Catwalk/Scar-Tatoo check/Self  Introduction
4. English Test
5. Group activity
6. Interview - 2 to 1

1. First stage - HEIGHT CHECK

Minimum height (barefoot) for Female is 157cm and max will be 170cm. They will immediately reject you on the spot (nicely of course),if your height doesn't meet their requirement.

2. Second stage - DOCUMENT CHECK

First of all,you need to ensure that if you use your SPM Cert,CREDIT in ENGLISH is compulsory,PASS in BAHASA MALAYSIA and atleast ONE other credit for any subject.  Some of the candidates were rejected due to the fact that they didn't knew about this.

Documents needed are :

i ) Application form
You can print out from their website or get it during the interview.

ii ) Original and Photocopy of SPM Cert or any Higher Education cert

iii ) Recent UPDATED Resume

iv ) Original and Copy of your IC

v ) 1 latest passport size photo

vi ) 1 latest full body postcard size photo

Upon finishing with the document check,you will be given a number and wait for them to call you.

3. Third stage :

CATWALK - They will ask you to do a simple catwalk while walking towards them.

SCAR/TATTOO check - They will check for any scars and/or tattoo on your face/neck area,hands and legs that won't be visible while donning the AIR ASIA uniform.

SELF INTRODUCTION - A simple introduction of yourself during which,they will observe on your body language and how you present yourself in a short period of time.

* You have to wait for a few minutes for them to inform you whether you FAIL or PASS this stage *

4. Fourth stage - ENGLISH TEST

You will be asked to sit for a 15 minutes English Test,consist of 25 objective questions, once you passed the third stage. Although it's a simple and basic grammar test,the questions can be a little tricky so please read them carefully.

Again,you will continue to the next stage ONLY if you've passed the test and then,they will give the JOB APPLICATION form for you to fill up all your important details.

5. Fifth stage - GROUP ACTIVITY

You will be divided into groups and will be asked to present/perform or basically do whatever you want such as singing,dancing,acting etc.. One of the interviewer told us that this stage is basically to observe on how you work in group so make it simple yet presentable and fun!

Make yourself standout from the rest as ONLY those who succeeded will go to the last stage.

6. Sixth stage - 2 to 1 INTERVIEW

CONGRATULATION on making it till the last stage! Before they call your number,make sure to touch-up your makeup and hair okay.

They will call you with 3 or more other candidates and you will be sitting only few chairs from each other in the same room but he/she will be interviewed by two different person.

My question was more about my background, what I'm doing currently and why I wanted to join AA? They will asked you if you have any question(s) to ask them so just ask away but don't drag them too long.

They will let you know that it'll take within 2 to 3 weeks for you to get an email if you succeed or not.

Once you received the email,you will asked to go through a HEALTH CHECK with a fixed Venue and Time. So,check your email regularly including your SPAM mailbox!

Well that's about it and I hope I didn't miss any important details. Good luck to all of you future flyers! 

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