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Qatar Airways cabin crew interview process and stages

Hi Flygosh & everyone. I was just browsing through this amazing blog and thought it would be cool to share a few things with you, Flygosh visitors. But I don't have a Blogger account so I'd appreciate if Mr. flygosh could post this comment for the readers out there, spread the word? hehe

I just wanna share a little bit of what I've gone through during the interview of QR (Qatar Airways) recently, on the 2nd July 2011 held at Traders Hotel, PEN.
But before that, allow me to steal some of your precious time by indulging into my story for a while, since I'm in the mood

I'm a 23 year old female, and I have previously served both ground and flight operations from various airlines, including an international private / charter airlines that I have been with almost 2 years in the Middle East. I have just finished my contract this year in February and currently looking for new opportunities, I would consider myself as a 'flying addict', that goes by my undying passion for flying and the lifestyle of being a flight attendant. Once you fly, you'll go high! Haha.

Well, my Qatar experience was quite interesting and inspirational as I would imagine it. I'm originally from Ipoh (you know, Old Town White Coffee, Char Kuey Tiaow, Kellie's Castle and Pangkor Island to name a few tourism attractions) 

Oh, I love my hometown so much. I love the more reserved, tranquil and green village styled town of Perak Darul Ridzuan. Oh and it's very convenient now, I've always travelled with the invention of KTM's new railway transportation version- ETS (Electronic Train Services). It's affordable and I truly am sounding like a promoter right now, Haha! Behold! They're expanding quite impressively, what attracts me to travel with them via IPH-XKL (Ipoh-KL Central) is that the time-pricewise that's beneficial for frequent travelers, like me, well, since I've been trying to go for as many interviews as I could, I would be flying- ops! Traveling with ETS, plus there are plenty of pretty well-groomed, friendly, smiling girls serving onboard, for real! I'm talking about Train Stewardess to you guys! No kidding, their uniform is superbly in bright yellow-blue kebaya cutting, kind of MAS kebaya look-a-like.Great job, great service, great comfort 

So, let's start my blabla with my journey to PEN. The day I bought The Star at the end of June, I think it was fated, I had a feeling to read a newspaper all of a sudden (kidding! Haha. I actually wanted to look for Job Advertisement's pages every Saturday) so I bought the paper (without even cared to read the headlines, you know, boring politics, crazy celebrities rumors and everyday crimes) they bored me so, I quickly gazed to the middle part of the newspaper, yeah... STAR JOBS. They're like a birthday present, you know, it's surprising, unpredictable and it's fun to know what's there inside for you.

So, my eyes kept looking and looking and finally it stopped rolling, I found Qatar Airways Open Day, 02.07.2011, Traders Hotel, Penang. I was worried at first, usually I'm only familiar with KL, other than that I either have to find a driver or go by myself, by bus or train, as usual. So, at first I hesitated, because one thing that irritates me about QR recruitment style, it's cultured, fixed, and that you have to carefully follow their guidelines, for example, if you arrived later than the time given as stated or reminded that you need to be punctual but you didn't, your chance of passing through that door for a welcoming entrance is zero percent. (telur ayam)

Tak boleh masuk after 9am, that was in KL two years ago. Some of my colleagues arrived at 0930 hrs and they begged for the door guard (can you believe it?) yeah, neither do I and my peers however rules are rules and that's one of their smart tactics into evaluating your punctuality and incompetency or ability to follow instructions and obedience towards authority - first impression! (believe me, being a cabin crew is like, I may say, a softer side of Military service except you don't carry guns or weapons onboard.)
No, girls, please don't carry pepper spray either. It didn't work. I've tried

So, I told my Mom that I would be going, and she suggested that my uncle and aunt would come along as co-drivers (I don’t drive, I know it’s sad but I was traumatized since I was involved in quite a fatal accident in 2005, old story), anyway, so they drove me all the way from Ipoh to Penang, oh and my amazing sister helped by printing out a piece of map (thank you, google, I owe you once)and by the power of the map, we managed to find Traders Hotel which is located nearby / attached to Komtar Perangin Mall building if I wasn't mistaken. I arrived at about 0840 hrs. My Mom accompanied me straight into that hotel lobby and I saw quite a number of candidates waiting patiently (and some, sleepy faces, however looking good) and I headed directly to the ladies room to retouch on my makeup, perfumes and stuff, you know, girls stuff. 

Well, what I wore that day, simple and elegant. I don't wear jewelries because normally for C.Crew interviews, 'nude skin' is preferrable by the panles as they would love to see your real skin condition and not to apply your makeup too thick, they tend to overshadow your natural beauty and appearances. However, everything you wear on your body must look complimentary to your appearance. Grooming is the key to the aircraft doors (you know what I mean :)

In case of pimple attacks (jahat kan jerawat? Time interview la dia selalu ada) I would camouflage my impurities with a ‘concealer’. I used Body Shop Tea Tree Oil products. They’re amazing.

So, the briefing starts exactly at 0900 hrs and everyone has seated, there were two panels, our very own local, warm, beautiful, intelligent Malaysian (experienced) crew who was in charge that day. Names cannot be written here due to privacy; however I was impressed by their briefing session (professionalism) and explanations, a complete and articulate speech yet resourceful for our own keeping as a candidate. They talked for about an hour or so, and joked a little bit, and sharing flying experiences. 

Their stories were germane and fun, I was sleepy that morning but I was enlightened by the two fantabulous ladies (I learned a new word) so my eyes were staring only at her cuteness and bubbly personality, I couldn’t stopped looking; they were both attractive and intelligent. Personally I feel proud of them as a Malaysian, they’re entrusted by the world’s five star carrier, awarded airline in the Middle East to represent us, they’re our pride and asset of inspirations, they started so young in the industry and they did well, they have this eagerness, hunger for ambition, but in a good way, that it carried them forward and they have succeeded aligned with the airline’s rapid growth, which both image and reputations they carried as ambassadors.

The briefing ends 2 hours later, time passed by pretty quickly, I couldn’t wait to go to the toilet as I have detained myself from peeing, in order to follow the rest of the briefing period, so as soon as I submitted my resume to the fantabulous lady in charge J I seated for a while and later headed straight out to that door. So the process goes like this:


1.       Arriving at 0900 hrs
2.       Enter briefing room
3.       Be seated
4.       Turned off cellphones
5.       Maintain your smile, continue smiling
6.       Get to know your left and right ‘neighbours’ if you feel like making friends
7.       Listen to the panels’ instructions
8.       -2 hours- of enlighten speech
9.       Wait for panels’ instructions
10.   Walk towards the panel, smile, greet courteously and hand over your resume, chat a little while and leave with manners. IF YOU HAVE BAD BREATH PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF.
11.   Go home, don’t wait, you’re being given a limited time to receive a call indicating that you’re shortlisted to be called for the first stage of interview.
12.   If you receive a call, say, before 6pm / 1800 hrs, congratulations, you made it through the meticulous selection process. You’ll be given a dress code and certain specific instructions for further preparations. Each individual will receive a number, your candidacy number. Take note.
13.   Sleep early and make sure you set your alarm clock for your interview tomorrow!


1.       Your journey begins here. Arrive on time, punctual and make sure that you followed their guidelines and instructions properly.

2.       Don’t forget to smile, maintain your courtesy, mannerism and all that traditional values are essentially useful at this point.

3.       Do grooming checks on yourself, retouch on your makeup if it’s smeared or tainted, and please alter them so you will appear more pleasant and well groomed.

4.       Important: Remember, hair neatly tied, no jewelries and do not chew gums!

5.       Always retain your physique’s aesthetic poise, elegance, body language, seatback straight and never perceive a lazy, sloppy, sleepy-face, dull, as you’ll attract negative energies all around you and that is not a good environment for you. Body language is your second self; it may be your worst enemy. Remember, your lips can deceive others but never your body movements, it reveals everything.

6.       By the time the exam starts, what I did was to tranquil myself and answers everything calmly.

7.       -1 hour- of exams, including height (tip toes check 212cm) and body marks or weight inquiries.

8.       Submit answers.

9.       Wait outside with other candidates.

10.   Results are given, numbers are called (your candidacy numbers) and if otherwise, you’re not selected.

11.   For those who didn’t make through the first round, consider yourself lucky enough to have been given a chance to participate in the exam for it doesn’t happen to everyone. Your failure is not an end, failures are one of many steps of success, and it’s just how you take it, positive or negative.

12.   Improve and try again, as advised by QR panels, the doors are never closed for you.


1.       In this interesting yet intense conversation in divided teams, it’s to show how cabin crew interacts in their working environment, passive or active, bright or dull, creative or typical, aggressive or defensive, the characters you shall perceive will never occur to you that it has revealed itself naturally. This is what the recruiters are dying to see in you, YOURSELF.

2.       You’re being given a situation; you must analyze them psychologically and emotionally. You must have the capability to endure and control your emotions independently. You must never show arrogance or interrupting on other’s opinion; instead you must always listen and perceive patience as how you would deal with your guests, customers and passengers, precisely.

3.       Find a solution in a teamwork oriented scenario, as that is what will happen in your job as a cabin crew.
4.       The panels will give feedback and comments and short-listings of candidates will commence shortly afterwards and if you’re successful, you will have to attend the final stage, a one on one interview session.
5.       Good luck.

Well, that’s what I’ve experienced so far during the interviews. Did I pass the first or second or final? Secret. Haha. Well, that’s not as important as my next journey. Do not ever give up hopes and be strong in finding your dreams. Dreams will never notice you until you chase them.

Additionally I fell in love with Penang’s Butterworth Ferry ride, the Jetty was cold and rainy during my departure and arrival, the sea breeze was calm and the water poured down in the quiet dawn will be my reminiscence of Penang, in memories.

Till we meet again (onboard). Thank you for reading ;)

Miss Trolley Dolly
0204 hrs / 04 July 2011 / Monday.

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