Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dream Airline? So where Do I start?

Ok, you are excited that the airline that you wish to work for has an open day coming up. You also know that there will be strong competition from other candidates especially if it is a top airline. So then you will ask yourself, where do I start so that you can be prepared and perform your very best? There is such a huge amount of research and studies to do and you suddenly feel that you are stuck.

So what I always advice is to take small baby steps first then you slowly expand from there. In other words, you need to plan and decide what you want to study. Everyone of us have 24 hours per day and how is it that some can achieve so much more per day while some couldn’t get anything done. Keyword here is “ plan” and trust me, with proper planning, everything will be much clearer and you can absorb the information better and faster. 

You can always start with my website or read my ebook for a start and then slowly study the rest such as the airline’s website that you are applying and etc etc. There are many forums, airline blogs and tons of information in the internet and there is no way you can read all of it. Heard of information overload? Some of you have shown me websites or forums and with further research, the person behind is not even a crew in the first place.  Who are they to advise you if they themselves do not have the experience? 

For example, some of you mention that so and so advise you that an airline crew career is not good, blah blah blah!. Is like someone telling you that a restaurant doesn’t serve good food when that person didn’t even try it before. Not sure about you, for me, it won’t work. So focus on those that you can trust and not to bombard yourself with so much information. Most people consume so much information that they become paralyzed and end up doing nothing.

Finally, you have work hard and are prepared for that day. Guess what, when you go to the interview room, your head is blank and you are stuck? Sounds familiar? What happen to all your effort? This is what most of you feedback to me especially those who did not make it. My advice is practise and have an interview mock up with your bf/gf, friends or whoever you feel comfortable with. And wait, some said that I am single or I do not have any friends who have any idea about airline so how do I get to know them?

You can start by sharing Fly gosh to your friends or your Facebook wall. You never know that any of your friends may be interested in going to the open day also. Two heads are always better than one and I am sure all of you would agree with that. Sometimes is just small little things like sharing that we miss an effect which can have a huge positive results. You can share this article as your first baby step. All the best to those who are going to any upcoming interview. Keep me posted in FlyGosh forum and I will be looking forward for your good news.

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