Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Officer / Captain - Singapore Airlines new LCC


New Aviation Private Limited, a Singapore-registered start-up Low Cost Airline (LCC), invites applications for the positions of B777 Captains and First Officers. The airline will operate medium and long haul flights and is on track to commence operations in mid 2012.

Based in Singapore, the airline is a 100% owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines but
will be run independently. Its brand name will be disclosed in due course.

REQUIREMENTS - Applicants for Captain positions should have at least 5000 total flight hours on commercial jet aircraft, inclusive of 2000 PIC hours in international operations. Applicants with a current B777 rating are required to have a minimum type experience of 1000 PIC hours.

For the position of First Officer, applicants should have at least 2000 total flight hours on commercial jet aircraft. For both positions, preference will be given to applicants with Glass Cockpit/Flight Management Systems experience.

REMUNERATION PACKAGE: On completion of line training, pilots can expect a competitive salary package.

TRAINING: Selected pilots without a B777 rating will undergo a conversion and be expected to fund 50% of the costs.

BENEFITS: Concessional air travel on company’s services for employee, spouse and children.

Annual leave and medical allowances.

TENURE: National contract terms - Offer is for an initial 5 year contract.

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