Thursday, January 20, 2011

Air Asia Cabin Crew Interview Process

Below are the stages of the recent Air Asia cabin crew interview held in air asia academy shared by one of my reader.

First Round
There were more than 100 candidates.3 candidates went into a room and there were 2 interviewers for each table. Right from the door, you will have to do a catwalk until you reach the table you’re assigned to. The interviewers ask me to turn around, pull up my sleeves to show them my hands front and back. Then they gave me an announcement script to read which were in BM and English. They ask me to read it in English but some of my friends were asked to read in BM so it depends on the interviewers. This is to test on your pronunciation.
      My front teeth is a bit crooked and they mention that if they were to hire me,am I willing to pull it out and put a crown on it? They want their CC to have a perfect smile.
      I’m very skinny and they felt that I’m underweight and asked me, am I willing to put on weight? They are worried that I might not be able to carry heavy luggage and need me to look good in their uniform.

      Why apply now since I’m only graduating in August. Will I give up my studies for the job?
Then the interviewer said that she like to put me through the first round and see what other interviewers think about me for the subsequent round.

Second Round
21 candidates successfully got through the first round.This round is the grammar test. We were given a test paper with 25 questions and were given half an hour to complete the test. All questions were multiple choice format. After you have complete and submitted the answers, we were given forms to fill up for the position of a of flight attendant.

Third Round/ Last Round
17 candidates successfully passed the second round and went to a room for the third round and final round. There were 3 stages for this session.
Stage 1: Ice Breaking
You were given 5 minutes to get to know the person next to you. Then you are given 1 minute and a half to introduce your partner to the interviewers. There were 6 interviewers.

Stage 2: Group Performance
All candidates were randomly group into a group of 4 and were given 15 minutes to discuss on a performance, any performance they want to do. When we finish discussing, we were given 5 minutes to perform. A group perform short stories like Cinderella, some perform airplane on-board scene. My group perform singing by changing the lyrics of the song related to Air Asia airline.

Stage 3: One-on-one Interview
2 interviewers to one. They ask me to introduce myself, then ask me questions like: “Who inspire you to become CC? Do your family agree with you becoming a CC?” After that, they thank me and tell me result will be out 2 weeks later informed by email/call.

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