Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cathay Pacific - Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits

Finally I have obtained the official pay structure for Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew. Tons of request about the salary.So ladies and gentleman, here we go...........

Basically your pay will be divided into two parts which is your overseas/outport allowance and per hour flying/ground duty pay.You will be guaranteed a minimum of 70 hours per month. What this means is let's say you fly for 50 hours,you will be paid 70 hours of work. In other words, you can actually treat this as your basic salary. All in expect average of HKD16000 per month. It could be more or even lesser depending on your monthly roster and which route that you operate in that particular month.

During training you will be paid HKD7000 per month. There will be a probation period of 6 months and during this time your flying pay is HKD108 and your Ground Duty Allowance will be HKD54 per hour. After probation, the payment rate will be adjusted to HKD139.10 and HKD69.55 for flying pay per hour and Ground Duty Allowance respectively.

On top of the above,we all know that accommodation in Hong Kong is expensive. To help the new joiners, Cathay Pacific will offer free housing for the first 8 years of service. From what I understand, it is Gold Coast apartment which is located in Tuen Muen. Pretty near to the airport I would say. By the way, transport will not be provided unless in overseas station.

Benefit wise, you will enjoy the usual perks as an airline crew such as staff and family concessional travel, 21 days’of annual leave , medical coverage and comprehensive Insurance Scheme

Bear in mind that the above is your starting pay and as you progress further in your career, obviously you will have an increase in salary.Besides, there are no domestic flight in CX and you will be flying to international destinations. Below are the progression process :-

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