Thursday, March 10, 2022

Lanmei Airlines Recruitment - Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Control Manager

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Lanmei Airlines, one of the fastest growing airlines in Cambodia would like to invite suitable candidates for the position of Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Control Manager, to be based in Phnom Penh.

Job Descriptions:

1. Understand the anti money laundering laws and regulations, regulations and policies of the State Administration of foreign exchange and international sanctions in Cambodia, China and ASEAN countries, establish and improve the compliance and anti money laundering policies and processes of the company's cross-border payment products, and meet the regulatory report and inspection requirements.

2. Be familiar with all kinds of supervision and regulations in Cambodia's financial field, trade money laundering, trade fraud, sanctions and other financial crime patterns and cases involved in cross-border trade business, and formulate effective anti money laundering and risk control strategies.

3. Deeply understand the business needs and customer experience pain points, and customize reasonable and effective anti money laundering policies and processes, including customer audit and transaction monitoring measures, according to regulatory and policy requirements and in combination with internal systems and operational capabilities.

4. Master the regulatory direction and business focus, analyze industry risk events and actual cases, assess the risk of business partners, conduct due diligence approval for high-risk customers, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of anti money laundering risk control measures.

5. Understand the laws and regulations related to foreign trade, provide customers with professional consultation and support, and assist customers' business compliance development.

6. Effectively communicate internal compliance and anti money laundering compliance systems and control measures with regulators, banks, cooperation platforms, auditors, etc.

7. Regularly provide compliance training for all departments of the company, improve the overall compliance ability and awareness of the company, and maintain the company's compliance culture.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, economics and law is preferred;

2. At least 3 years working experience in compliance and anti money laundering

3. Willing to relocated to Cambodia

If you meet all the requirement above, please submit your online application here

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