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Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment

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Role Purpose

To provide excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight, strictly adhere to stipulated Company policies and Regulatory Standards.
Key Accountability


To deliver excellent and superior in-flight service consistently to meet and exceed customer expectations


To ensure the safety of customers and proper management of cabin operations as stipulated in the Safety Emergency Procedures Manual

  • To maintain at all times a high level of oneself as stipulated in the Rules and Regulations for Cabin Crew
  • To maintain at all times the grooming standards of oneself as stipulated in the Cabin Crew Grooming Manual
  • To be conversant and knowledgeable with her responsibilities and duties as stipulated in the Responsibilities and Duties of Flight Stewardess
  • To manage her performance level as stipulated in the Duties of Flight Stewardess
  • To be customer focused when engaging in service delivery
  • Additional tasks:
  • To be responsible to the In-flight Supervisor and/or Leading Steward/ess on all matters concerning crew discipline, grooming and performance level
  • To be responsible to the In-flight Supervisor and Leading Steward/ess on all service matters in the First, Business and Economy Class
  • To conform to set standards and requirements as stipulated in the Responsibilities and Duties of Flight Stewardess
  • To submit all relevant documents where applicable
  • To ensure the safeguarding, proper handling and stowage of all Company equipment under her charge

Qualification & Experience

  • Minimum SPM or its equivalent as recognized by the Malaysian Government with Credit in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Age:18 and above
  • Minimum height of 157cm for ladies
  • Skills & Knowledge
  • Good interpersonal & writing skills
  • Able to read, write, speak and understand English. Bilingual preferred
  • Examplary qualities, must be punctual, dependable and flexible with scheduling
  • Able to understand and follow a cabin crew operations & inflight services standards & aviation policies & regulations

Key Accountability
  • The work can be demanding as cabin crew have to deal with, and often work through, tiredness and jet lag if crossing over different time zones
  • Cabin crew often work in confined spaces and have to spend a lot of time on their feet. The work is physically demanding, particularly on long-haul flights
  • Dealing with difficult passengers in an enclosed space, with an audience, may be stressful
  • Work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures
To apply, please visit " online application "

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