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JetStar Cabin Crew Interview Process and Stages ( Updated Version - 2016 )

So basically the venue for the particular interview i went was at Village Hotel Changi. The registration is open from 9am to 9.30am. As this interview is by invitation only the crowd wasn't that bad compared to other walk in interview. I submitted my application through their website as they were accepting interest at that point of time. I received an invitation from them about a month later.

So when i arrived it was about 9.15am. We were told to queue for registration and you'll have to produce your application form and photocopy of certificates. Once that is done they'll hand you a number tag and you're going to stick to that number the whole day.

After registration, you have to get your height checked. There is Jetstar staff assigned to assist you. After that, proceed into a conference room and have your photo taken with a Jetstar logo as background. Get seated and the waiting game starts. As the registration closes at 9.30am, everyone had to wait till the last person gets registered so I waited till 10.15am i suppose.

First they'll start with introducing their company values,mission and vision. Then they'll share their success stories of their staffs. It was quite engaging. Then they'll show you a popwerpoint slide on the different rounds there will be on that day along with what to expect. So round one: group introduction.

Everyone had to follow the sequence of their numbers and were grouped into 10. Then one accessor will be allocated to one group and they will time you with 1min to introduce yourself. I guess its best that you try to engage in a bit convo with the other candidates while you were waiting earlier so it can loosen you up a bit. The accessor would not ask questions like why you want to be a cabin crew or why Jetstar kind of questions.

You're just free to tell them anything about yourself. So when the time is up, the accessor will give you a picture card to talk about. Its a random picture by the way. So you will have to talk something about it because it'll will be timed for a min also. I wouldn't exactly say its easy but if you really are someone who can talk then its time for you to shine.

After that, you'll be separated into ladies and gentleman to proceed for the physical appearance check. I am not sure about the man but for ladies, you'll be asked to do a mini cat walk to and fro then you'll be asked to stand under a light and they'll ask you to smile. They would also ask if there is anything you want to declare beforehand. After that was lunch time.

They gave us an hour and half for it which i feel was too long. (Food was not provided btw) well i guess this was the part everyone started to talk more to each other. After lunch we had a team game. They'd give you a folder and explain how the game goes like and what you need to achieve in order to win it. During this part it is crucial that you participate. Everyone will be competitive but you have to try and fit in.

Upon completing each team will have to present the answer to everyone. Those who wasn't active in the discussion earlier on will be picked to present. When all the teams are done, the Jetstar people would step out for quite long and when they return that is when the results will be announced. There were about 100 candidates that day and it narrowed down to about 40.

Those who successfully went through will then be asked to step out of the room for a while and wait for them to call your number to hand up a copy of all the other documents mentioned to bring which is your passport copy, NRIC copy, etc. You'll then have to wait again for your number to be called and you'll go in the same room you were at since morning for a more formal interview. There will be 2 Jetstar members who'd be accessing you.

The questions asked would be the basic ones like what you're currently doing, why choose Jetstar and such. For some (like me) they'll give you a scenario for you to work on. It is more to how would you handle such situations. Don't hold back your answer even if it sounds ridiculous to you! There are no right or wrong.

They'll also inform you on the $1000 deposit should you be selected and the basics of the pay you'll get in the first 4 months which seems to be the important one. On a normal month you can earn up to $2600. The management will call you up in 3-5days to inform you if your application is successful or not. True enough i got a call on the 4th day! The following week i was asked to come down to Jetstar's office at Changi Airport to have the final interview with the management and then signing of contract should your interview went well.

So on that day we were asked to gather at 1.45pm in front of a cafe and there were staff waiting to lead us to the Jetstar office. We waited for awhile to meet the management. We were told that there were 4 of them. And fret not its a casual interview where the directors would ask you simple questions and prepare for them some too!

After taking our turns in groups of 6 to talk to each of them we waited for about 20mins for the result. Only 2 of the candidates got booted out. It was sad though. Then we proceeded with more in depth details about the remuneration and benefits presented through powerpoint slides and those who have brought along the $1000 can proceed with the signing of contract after that! For those who needs time to consider, you'll be notified through email on when you'll need to submit an answer.

That's basically about it and honestly I feel like Jetstar's interview was very interactive and fun because it requires a lot of interaction. I hope it helped you a bit on the latest stages of interview and process you'll have to go through. Good luck to future applicants!

Do take note for foreigners:

• If you stay somewhere beyond Malaysia, they'll notify you whether you get accepted or not straight away on the day of the first interview to save you from flying to and fro in such a short period of time

•Foreigners who managed to get through, be prepared to find a residential place here in Singapore to speed up the process of your application as well as training date as there is usually limited slots

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