Monday, May 2, 2016

Jetairfly Pilot Recruitment - Cadet Pilot

Always wanted to become a pilot? Cadet Pilots - a custom made program for future pilot trainees

Take your chance with Jetairfly's CADET PILOT PROGRAM!

Jetairfly is a unique airline to work for:
  • Various innovative destinations all over the world
  • The most modern fleet (Boeing 737, 767, 787 and E190)
  • Huge great career opportunities
  • A dynamic and fast-growing company

After a stringent pilot selection process, Jetairfly offers to a number of trainees a cadet pilot contract.
  • You will fulfill a challenging position on the ground while training for the required pilot licenses.
  • In return for your commitment in a position within Jetairfly, we engage to cover a partial cost of your pilot training
  • Estimated time of arrival? Your pilot training will be finished within approximately 4 years depending on your own individual progress.

Looking for a high-level education and unrivaled career? It’s a matter of commitment!
The Cadet Pilot Program makes pilot training accessible to anyone with the required motivation, skills and talent!

Ready to realize your dream?

Complete the checklist before take-off!

  • Recently obtained a Bachelor or Master Degree and passionate about aviation?
  • Motivated to combine a full time job  with a challenging pilot training?
  • Trilingual (Good knowledge of Dutch, French and English)?
  • Able to maintain your calm in demanding situations?
  • At your best in a team?
  • Willing to go beyond?

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