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Singapore Airlines cabin crew interview process and stages - ( Updated Version - 2014 )

Hi all flygosh fans, if you are interested to become a cabin crew, then you have definitely come to the right website because flygosh is a remarkable website with many benefiting information for you. 

Thankfully for this website, it did give me plenty of knowledge and some heads up for the SQ cabin crew recruitment. I will be sharing with you my experience for the Singapore Airlines cabin crew interview stages and process that I have recently attended at Sheraton Towers Singapore.


Before you attend any interview, it is always important for you to do your research on the airline that you will be applying for. This is because you will know their latest development and it always gives you the advantage to show to the recruiters that you are very interested to join the company plus giving them a good impression of yourself. 

You can always check flygosh for the latest news, information or tips to get yourself updated. The day before the interview, always be sure that you have enough rest as it will be a long and tiring day.

If you are planning to attend the Sq cabin crew open day, here are the things that you need to get prepared for the open day :-

    * Completed application form

    * Passport-sized photograph

    * Original(s) of:

      a) birth certificate

      b) all educational certificates

      c) identity card

1st stage-Introduction 

I was really grateful because my sister accompany me throughout the whole interview. That helped me out a little since I was feeling really nervous and it's nice to have a companion. Who wouldn’t be, right?  Moving on, the open day was held at Sheraton Towers Hotel and the registration was between 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

You can always check out Fly Gosh, if there is any uncertainty as they always have the most accurate information regarding any cabin crew open day. It’s always a good impression to arrive as early as possible to show that you are punctual with your time management. 

So I was there around 7.00 am. I thought that I was a little early but as I reached there, there were quite a number of people lining up to register. Everyone was looking well groomed and all prepared to nail it. I wore a white formal white shirt and a pencil skirt. Nothing too fancy as you want to keep it professional and classy. 

And my hair nicely bun up, so avoid any fringe covering your face. As for the make-up, I did a light one as the recruiters would much prefer to see your original self. I met a few really nice friends, who shared with me about their background and even their past experiences. During this stage, we were divided into small groups and there was a small brief introduction following with random question. 

For my group the question was ‘’ If you could travel one country, where will it be and who would you bring a long with’’. Fortunately I was the fourth one, so I had some time to think compared to the others. My answer was ‘’ If I could travel to one country I would pick Japan and bring my mom along the because visiting Japan has always been my mom’s dream and unfortunately we couldn’t afford to go there. I have made a promise to her that I would definitely fulfil her dream because she deserve nothing but the best’’. 

Once the introduction was over, we all were anxiously waiting outside the room. They called out the names who passed through this stage and I was lucky that I was one of them. 

2nd stage- Skin check.

SIA interview is pretty short compared to the other airlines because there isn’t any examination that you need to do. The next stage was the skin check. Only a few of us passed through this stage and we straight went to the next stage which is the height and weight measurement stage. It was quite funny to see some ladies who intentionally tied their bun as high as possible in order to appear taller. 

Every one was required to take off their shoes and no tip toe were allowed. Once the height and weight check was over, it will be the skin check assessment, which was held in another room. I was quite confident for this part as I didn’t have any tattoo or any particular birth marks. The room was quite small but with bright spot light as they want to check your face and most importantly NO TATOO. 

Mine was a really nice lady, she asked me a few simple questions and she asked me to do a ‘catwalk’. The skin check was pretty short I must say. Sadly some of my friends from the group didn’t make it through, but I was lucky enough to pass once again. So moving on, we were divided to groups again. And this time it was the debate assessment. There were a total of 6 of us and we were divided to groups, which was 3 person each in a group. 

During this stage, it’s a MUST to give 101% of your attention as the interviewer will only mentioned the question ONCE. The question that they will ask yoy are ‘’ Are beauty pageant contestants who do plastic surgery considered as cheating ? ‘’ My group was to disagree with the statement and we were only given 2 minutes to discuss about it. I was consider quite lucky since my group of people were very friendly, easy-going and most importantly not bossy. 

So it was quite easy to discuss with them. It was challenging because the other groups answered it really well. Once the debate was done, all of us were given a card to read out. It was a short note for us to read and to test on our pronunciation. Once this stage was done, we were all send out again to wait for the result. This stage I wasn’t really confident as I did a few pronunciation mistake but I am still trying to keep a positive mind set. 

My advice is, to always keep calm and collective and to try not to show your weakness. Anyway, when they announced the results, I am so happy that I PASSED! Only a few of us passed through and some were really disappointed as it was their 3rd attempt for this SIA interview. Even though I did make a few mistakes but I still make it through, so always keep in mind that the interview is not only to test your knowledge but also how you adapt to a given situation and overcome your mistakes. My heart was so relief but then again there were a few stages left to go. 

3rd stage- Management round

As I have done my research on the internet, this is one of the most difficult stage because we will not be divided into groups anymore. It will be a one to one interview. The management round will be held at the SIA training centre which was quite near to Singapore airport. I left the hotel early as usual to avoid any jam but I wasn’t the only one. 

The moment I reached there, it was packed with people. I am glad to see few of my friends from my group who was there as well. Before entering the room, we were given an application form to fill in regarding about our health conditions and so on. Moving on, all of us were nervously waiting for our turn. The wait was REALLY long. We waited for around 2 to 3 hours for our turn. Do not forget to bring your makeup to touch up as it is a long day. This is the last stage for the recruiters to assess you, so make sure that you give your best shot and it’s a must to look at your best. 

Luckily, I had my breakfast because most of them were complaining that they were hungry. Do bare in mind that do not skip your breakfast since you need to have the energy to think and to answer and face the interviewer. After the long wait , one of the young lady called my name which I then entered the room. There were two interviewers , a lady and a gentleman. They asked about my background and a few simple questions. 

The few questions was  ‘’What is your biggest achievement’’ and ‘’Why did you choose cabin crew as your career’’. They also did asked about my part time job as a freelancer as well. I was completely honest that I didn’t have a full time job because I was still studying. I thought I did pretty good for this round as it was just basic questions but unfortunately, I didn’t get through this stage. 

I was feeling quite devastated but hey, this is not the end of the world. We should not give up and lose hope in any circumstances. If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather the courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.

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