Saturday, August 16, 2014

Norwegian Air Shuttle Pilot Recruitment - Non rated and rated Captains & First Officers ( CPL / IR )

We are now looking for FIRST OFFICERS NON TYPERATED B737
Minimum requirements for first officers:
  • Self-sponsored /  sponsored via agency
  • Accept to be simulator checked
  • Valid Part-FCL CPL (A) and IR(A) ME
  • Valid Part-MED Medical Class 1
  • Minimum 100 hrs Pilot in Command PIC
  • Valid frozen ATPL theory
  • English, written and spoken, (Language proficiency ‘’ICAO’’ level 4 or higher)
  • Preferably educated from an FTO offering integrated course or other ‘’single education site’’      offering ’’JET Orientation’’ and/or ‘’Multi Crew Cooperation Course MCC’’ on relevant type
  • No criminal record or accidents

  • Valid JAR-FCL Commercial Pilot Licence or higher with valid instrument rating, IR(A) ME
  • Valid Type Rating B737 300-900 with minimum 500 hours on type, whereas 150 hours within the last 12 months
  • Extensive experience on similar types may be considered (MD80, A320 series etc.)
  • Minimum 1500 hours total time on aeroplanes and 100 hours Pilot in Command
  • Valid JAR-FCL 3, medical class 1
  • Valid frozen ATPL theory
  • English, written and spoken, (Language proficiency "ICAO" level 5 or higher)
  • No criminal record or accidents
  • Valid licence and rating min 3 months at start of course

  • Valid JAR ATPL licence
  • Valid proper medical certificate class 1
  • Valid licence and rating min 3 months at start of course
  • 5000 hours total flight time on aeroplanes
  • 1000 hours total flight time on type
  • 500 hours total flight time as commander on type
  • English, written and spoken (Language proficiency "ICAO" level 5 or higher)
  • No criminal record or accidents


The first step is to fill out and submit your application. You will then receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application.

During the recruitment process, a number of chosen applicants fulfilling our requirements will be contacted via e-mail. The process will consist of different interviews, online tests and a simulator test. Norwegian will as part of the recruitment process contact your references for a background review.
Norwegian is an equal opportunities employer. 

Applications for employment can only be made through the channels detailed on this website. Applicants who follow other procedures (by phone, direct contact or through NAS employees) will be disqualified. Please note that due to the high volume of assessments, Norwegian operates a policy of not providing reasons or explanations to unsuccessful applicants after assessment.

To apply, please click here

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