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This is HOW YOU can become a Pilot - FlyGosh Pilot Secrets

Are you someone who : -

  • Has sent hundreds of resumes after you got your CPL/type rating ( may be jobless for years ) but you have not received any response or what you get are all rejections?
  • Just finished high school, university or someone who decided to change your career path to pursue your dream as a pilot and unsure whether you should take up a piloting course and what are the options available for you to become one?
  • Was recently laid off as a captain, Senior FO or an experienced pilot with thousands of hours on type and yet failed to get a job or wonder why people less experienced than you are taking up all the “ limited “ number of jobs available in the market ?
  • Have NO idea where to start looking or how to compete with thousands of jobless pilots worldwide or how to get in touch with the right person?

If you are lost and especially have the above questions spinning in your head, then you have definitely come to the right place and I can HELP you. Please read this page from start to finish, it has a lot of VERY important information for you…

I was once like you, a jobless pilot knocking on doors around the world for an opportunity to fly and I am glad that I managed to find one direct to flying a jet from CPL. The best part is, not only did I managed to achieve my dream of becoming a pilot, I have also helped major airlines hire pilots worldwide from those who are fresh or with low hours all the way to captains and TRI/TREs to secure jobs. 
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Kuala Lumpur

Mind you I did all this not in my own country but in a foreign land where I packed my bags and went without knowing anyone or having any connections. Today, I have many offers and in fact, I have had to politely reject them.

Many of you ( by saying that, I mean thousands of pilots ), are interested and have asked me how did I do it? Well guess what, the good news is, for the FIRST time, I have decided to spill the beans and share with you my closely guarded SECRETS and strategies on how I managed to be where I am today and achieve success. 

I will also share with you a SURE FIRE way that will get your application noticed by the airline that you wish to apply and get them to reply you. The best part is, this strategy doesn’t even cost you a single penny.

More importantly, now you can follow me and achieve your dream as a pilot too. As the saying goes, you don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow the footsteps of successful people which will save you time, effort and money.

What I am going to share with you are REAL life strategies which I personally use to succeed. These have proven to work and are not written elsewhere or something you can learn by reading any other books..

If you’re reading this page, then you already know what I’ve done, what I’m good at, what I stand for, and what belief systems I practise in life. However, some of you may be new to FlyGosh.

So, by way of introduction, I am Andy, and I am from the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia. I was formally a long haul cabin crew flying around the globe with one of the biggest airlines in the world on the Boeing 777 and the Airbus 330/340. Currently, I am flying as a Pilot with an airline in Asia.

My cabin crew days

First flight on the Boeing

Allow me to do little bragging.....

Some highlights from my past ten years in aviation include :-
  • Helping hundreds of pilots secure a job in this current difficult & challenging economy
  • I was featured in as the first “ Cabin Crew success stories “ .
  • Featured as a Cabin Crew and Pilot expert at AviationJobSearch.
  • Helped hundreds of my FlyGosh readers achieved their dream as a cabin crew
  • Invited by major airlines to hire pilots and provide speaking engagements
  • Major airlines are advertising their vacancies with FlyGosh
  • Provided consultation and referrals to cabin crew training organizations and type 
    rating training organizations

Introducing the FlyGosh Pilot Secrets. What you are about to read is the result of years of flying and hands-on experience. I will break the information down into 4 modules where I will share with you my personal strategies that I use to succeed.

How is the 4 module course structured?

·     Module 1 – Introduction and Attitude

In this module I will share with you the mindset required to succeed and you will learn :

Ø  The right attitude and mindset ( Get this wrong and half the battle is already lost)

Ø  Actions required to take for success

Ø  Where and how to start applying for jobs

Ø  How to identify the right airline company

Ø  Should you pay for type rating and which rating should you choose?

Ø  How do you get a job without paying and be fully sponsored

Module 2 – Resume

I am sure you have sent hundreds or even thousands of resumes and you either did not receive any response or what you get are all rejections. In this module we will cover :

Ø  How you can get your application noticed and not end up in the recycle bin

Ø  Mistakes to avoid and end up losing the opportunity

Ø  Tips on writing a proper resume which will stand out

Module 3 – Interview

If you think that by going to an interview and all you need to do is study and answer everything correctly especially the technical questions, you are dead wrong. I will teach you :

Ø  How to perform well during your interview

Ø  How to make the interviewer like you

Ø  What should you prepare for the interview

Ø  How to make sure that you stand out compared to the rest

Module 4 – Networking and Building Connections

This is by far the MOST important module as it will determine whether you will get the job or not. I am sure everyone has heard of the saying “It's NOT what you know but WHO you know”. So pay close attention to this final module.

Ø  How to build your connections

Ø  How do you get the airline to work with you

Ø  Mistakes to avoid that can kill the relationship that you work very hard to build

Ø  How to get other people to help you

Ø  How to create your OWN opportunity

Why am I doing this?

You may be wondering why I am doing this. 

My answer is simple : I want to find good people to work with so that I can learn more

You have to understand that through helping you, I get to help myself as well. I strongly believe that I can learn more about myself by teaching others. I am also interested to learn more about what people in my industry are struggling with, which helps me to become a better Pilot, coach and mentor. 

Over the years, I have found it tremendously fun working with like-minded and motivated people, in the industry I love. My ultimate goal is to find stars. I’m looking for unique and special people, who bring passion to the world and share my belief that in helping others, you help yourself.

So tell me how can I secure this golden opportunity and how much does it cost?

To purchase the FlyGosh Pilots Secrets Ebook, it will cost you a one time investment of USD 98. However the good news is, since this is the launching of my first book, I am going to give you a 50% discount at USD 49. 

You can purchase this book by paying via paypal or credit card by clicking the BUY NOW button below.
    (Once payment is complete you can download the book immediately)

The only difference between success and failure is ACTION.  As seen in my website, I have posted the salary of certain airlines and you can recoup back this investment easily. 

You can choose to ignore this opportunity and continue to be jobless and " may even " lose all the money that you have invested in your CPL or worse your added typerating ( double whammy ), or you can grab this golden opportunity and do yourself a favour for your own Pilot career. Remember, if you do the same thing, you get the SAME results. 

I personally have a few friends who have been jobless for as long as 5 years and they have decided to give up their Piloting dream and change careers. Deep down in their hearts, they are unhappy. Since we only live once, I strongly believe that we should chase our dreams so as not to have any regrets later.

I am so confident that you will definitely gain value by reading the FlyGosh Pilot Secrets Ebook and if you are not satisfied for whatever reasons, I will give you back a full refund. Sure, there will probably be some people who will take advantage of this generous offer but I trust that you are a decent and honest person. I stand by my book and I am offering you a 100% risk free opportunity so that you have nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for?

I look forward to working with you as nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing you fly, just as I have done for the hundreds of pilots who are flying today with my help over the last few years.

To your success,


PS : Another important note is that, a lot of people tend to wait till the last minute to prepare ONLY when there is a recruitment/opening coming up. I got a job and achieved what I have today simply because I am always one step ahead of the rest and prepared myself well in advance. We have to be proactive especially when there are thousands of jobless pilots worldwide today. By having this insider information that I am going to share with you, you can be sure you are ready for battle and will be ahead of the rest when there is an opening. 

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