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Japan Airlines Cabin Crew Interview Process and Stages ( Singapore )

I'm sure many of the Cabin Crew wannabe saw the recruitment posting from Japan Airlines a month ago, and started searching on the interview processes and the salary structure. Well, I also dreamt of becoming a cabin crew, and decided to give it a shot. 

Not sure how it works for other countries and in Japan itself, but in Singapore, it is an online application where there will be a link in their JAL Singapore site and then direct you to the online application form. You fill in basic information of yourself such as Name/DOB/Height/Education etc.They also ask whether you have any scars and tattoos which may or may not be visible while wearing the uniform.

And then you'll just wait for their email after their application closing date and yes, I received the notification to go for their 1st interview held at their office in Changi Airport. It is not a walk in interview, so the office is rather quiet with 2 staffs at a counter at their doorstep. There were few staff present probably because of it is a weekend. 

We were then asked to submit photocopies of our IC and educational certificates, which were asked for when they sent the email for the 1st interview notification. So in order to leave a good impression, I suggest all applicants who will be lucky enough to be asked for interview to get these documents printed by hook or by crook. 

The counter staff will issue you a number sticker, and you will be asked to stick it on your left chest area. Also, be sure you meet the height requirement, as even before the interview, they will take your height. So forget about applying if you're not at least the height they ask for.

Then we will be asked to sit down on arranged chairs by them to wait for our interview turn. While waiting, there will be an office staff to brief us on the interviewers profile and also the interview dos and don'ts and the process. For my batch, the 1st interview consists of 5 interviewers, mixture of Japanese and Singaporeans. 

We were also instructed to go in groups of 5 according to the number sticker allocated to us earlier and sit according to our numbers. Also, we were asked to stand in front of our chairs first facing the interviewers, and only to sit down when told to do so. It was a very brief and casual interview, we basically do a short introduction of ourselves, and following that will be a QnA based on our online application submitted to JAL. 

It didn't feel very formal as there were minor laughter from answers given by other candidates. As we were speaking individually, the interviewers were also filling up a small form amongst themselves to assess us, so basically, be sure to smile and sit in an upright posture as they are constantly observing you. They also mentioned the salary structure which is basic + various allowances amounting to about $2.5k. 

After which, the interview ended and we were told to stay around in the office for a Mandarin oral test before going home. It is very much like a high school oral test, where 1 interviewer will be with 1 candidate, and the candidate will then read out the passage to the interviewer and she will be assessed on her pronunciation and the ability to read the words. Be sure your Mandarin is all geared up and ready, as the passage is about 3/4 page.

2 days later I received the email saying I was shortlisted for the final interview! They also specifically said females are to tie up their hair and dressed in business attire. Actual IC and educational certs must be brought for verification as well and most importantly to bring a t-shirt and shorts for skin check. 

Apparently there were only 2 stages, and the 2nd interview will be a week after the 1st interview. As usual, we were told to sit outside the interview room to wait and briefed by a staff. The interview process was the same as the 1st one as well, a self-introduction followed by QnA. But this time round, I was SO lucky that I was asked a question on how much I knew about JAL. 

I anticipated this few nights before so I was relieved that I was able to answer after doing some research. Candidates, PLEASE be sure to know at least 3 or 4 information points about JAL in case you get a question like mine. And that’s about it! No much difference from the 1st interview.

But after exiting the room, we were told to change to our t-shirt and shorts for a scar check. So we were checked on our front chest area, back, neck and arms. Don't worry, all these are done in a closed area. So if you are good, they're fast in responding whether you will pass the interview and proceed to medical checks, as they notified me on that evening! 

Only 4 hours after my 2nd interview I received a call to go for the medical check the next day! So efficient! But not to be happy yet, as medical checks also determine whether will be able to successfully be their cabin crew.

During the medical check, the doctor checked for scars and birthmarks even more thoroughly than during the 2nd interview. And worse is I didn't put any makeup on while going for medical checks. My minor scar on my face was spotted by the doctor and he wrote it on the medical form by JAL, and took a photo of it to submit to them. 

Even a pimple on my tummy was even spotted by him. That was when I thought, that’s it, I might have passed both interviews but will fail at medical checks as they did not want cabin crew with visible scars. Felt so depressed, but I still had to complete the rest of the tests.

These are all about it for the JAL interview process in Singapore, and to those hopeful candidates, remember to brush up your Mandarin and maintain a clear skin complexion. They're not very strict in checking your face but overall it must look alright. Good luck!

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