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Air Arabia - A320 Direct Entry Captain/First Officer ( with salary details )

Based in Casablanca, Morocco, the jobholder's role is to prepare for flights and attentively monitor their progress, taking over from the Captain when required to do so, and fulfilling the duties of First Officer as detailed in the Air Arabia Operations Manual. Main Responsibilities
• Ensures that every flight is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Air Arabia Operations Manual. Specifically, this involves implementing and maintaining procedures necessary to ensure the safe and smooth operation of all flights undertaken in compliance with Air Arabia policies and Civil Air Regulations.
• Calculates take-off data and fuel requirments [using the fuel flight log or CFP] and files the corresponding ATS flight plan, checking documents for tasks delegated to others, before handing over to the Captain for signature. Ascertains that fuel on board and fuel assumed for take-off data calculations are identical, and equal or higher that the minimum fuel specified by the CFP.
• At stations without qualified personnel, checks the fuel type and supervises the fuelling of the aircraft, ensuring proper distribution of fuel.

• Checks that the prescribed manuals, maps, charts, documents and forms are on board and cover the airplane’s intended operation until return to home base.
• Executes the tasks and functions of either the ‘Pilot Flying’ or the ‘Pilot Not Flying’. Assists the Captain in the management of flight deck work by observing a well-balanced task distribution, systematic cooperation and exchange of information, monitoring the progress of the flight and efficient operation of flight systems, and by observing the performance of other cockpit crew members.
• When required or instructed to do so by the Captain, flies the aircraft in accordance with submitted flight plans from one place to another taking into account the following key factors, in order of priority:

- Safety
- Efficiency
- Passenger comfort
• Ensures, within the safety constraints as detailed in the relevant sections of the Air Arabia Operations Manual, that the aircraft is flown so as to make most efficient and effective use of fuel during the flight.
• Draws the attention of the Captain to facts, circumstances or unfavourable variables which may affect the safety of the flight and which may not yet have been noticed by the Captain.
• Assists the Captain by completing the voyage report and aircraft flight log.
• Puts together, in good order for the use of the next flight crew, all manuals, maps and charts which form part of the deck library.
• Hands over the aircraft to the next crew or to the appropriate maintenance personnel or, where this is impossible, secures the aircraft.
• Deposits the flight envelop in the designated secure place.
• Ensures that the Air Arabia Operations Manual is distributed, accounted for, maintained, kept up to date, understood and complied with by Flight Crew.
• Possesses appropriate knowledge of the legal requirements of the GCA, Morocco Civil Aviation, Airbus company and any other relevant regulatory body relating to flights and Flight Crew.
• Undertakes additional, ground based tasks such as Safety Officer or Security Officer, as directed by the Director of Operations and in accordance with the provisions of Part A of the Air Arabia Operations Manual.

First Officer
• Minimum of 500 hours on A320
• Current on the A320 (Last flight within 6 months)
• Minimum of 1000 hours of Total Flying time.
• Valid ICAO / JAR CPL.

• Minimum of 1000 hours PIC on A320
• Current on the A320 (Last flight within 6 months)
• Minimum of 4000 hours of Total Flying time.
• Valid ICAO / JAR ATPL.
• TRE/TRI qualified with A320 training experience preferred, Training experience on other types will be considered

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First Officer
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