Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cadet Pilot - Tiger Airways ( A320 )

* This application is open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of age 18 above.

* No flying experience required.

* With at least GCE ‘A’ Level or equivalent preferred (those with 5 GCE ‘O’ Level credits including Math, English and a
  Science subject may be considered)

* Successful candidates will spend up to 18 months on training to acquire a Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) at ST Aerospace Academy in Singapore and overseas.

* This is a SELF-SPONSORED PROGRAMME and upon successful completion of training, candidate will be offered employment by Tiger Airways.

If you comply with the above requirements and are interested in a flying career with Tiger Airways, please submit your application to with the title ( your name - Application for Cadet Pilot - Tiger Airways via )


The programme consists of five phases namely (1)Ground School: ATPL theoretical knowledge training; (2)Core Flying: ab-initio flying training; (3)Basic: A320 foundation skills & MCC; (4)Intermediate: A320 Lead-in Training; and (5)Advance: A320 Type Rating &
 Base Check. 

Ground School Phase - Singapore

6 months of ground school covering all ATPL subjects. Approximately 800 contact hours.

Core Flying Phase - Australia

5 months of flight training in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. This includes flying EFIS equipped Cessna 172S and Alsim 172 Flight Simulation Training Device Level 1.

Basic Phase - Singapore

4 months of simulator training in a fixed based A320 Simulator in Singapore. This Flight Simulation Training Device Level 4 was developed specially for the STAA MPL Phase 2 programme after a thorough study of pilot training needs. During this phase the cadets will develop A320 foundation skills in a multi-crew cooperation environment.

Intermediate Phase - Singapore

1 month of simulator training in a A320 Full Flight Simulator following 2 weeks of A320 ground school. The cadets are further prepared for type rating during this phase.

Advance Phase - Singapore

1 month of simulator training in a A320 Full Flight Simulator during which the cadets complete type rating on the A320 culminating in the Base Training Check during which the cadets fly the actual A320 aircraft.

Total Duration
Approximately 18 months

Key Features
* Conditional employment with Tiger Airways.
* Type rating on Airbus A320 aircraft.
* Training directly for Tiger Airways operations.

Programme Fee
* S$184,000 (excludes GST).
* Include : (a)Flight training (aircraft cost, simulator costs, fuel charges, instructor fees, navigation & landing charges, aviation regulatory charges);

(b)One attempt of theory examinations at all stages; (c)One attempt of flight tests/check rides at all stages; (c)Course materials; (d)Two sets of uniform;

(e)Accommodation & transportation in Australia; (f)Insurance coverage while undergoing flight training in Australia;

(g)Round trip air ticket between Singapore & Melbourne.

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