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Singapore Airlines ( SIA) cabin crew interview & stages (Updated Version)

Below are the stages of the recent SQ cabin crew open day held in Ipoh shared by one of my reader who successfully got the job. 

Well, I had attended an interview session with Singapore Airlines last 2 weeks. August 6th,2011 held at Park Royal KL. I went there all by myself. It was really fun. And, I write this merely for the sake of sharing my personal experience. Mind you, I don't really need any judgement from you. So, here goes =)

We first had our documents checked. Kinda suprised to see not so many people turned up. Well, I expected to see thousands of applicants because oh my, it's Singapore Airlines people ! And most of them were Chinese. Did see 2 Malay guys, but they were like really in their own world. Heh~

After the documents checked, we were divided into groups according to our number. I met Yvonne, a very nice Chinese girl from PJ. We were in the same group, together with another 8 applicants. I was the only Malay in the group. While waiting for our turn, I managed to make another friend. A funny Chinese guy from KL, can't recall his name.

1st stage : Introduction

It was not really an introduction session. During this stage, other than a brief self introduction, we were asked a very random simple question, and the question really varied for each group. For my group, the question was " What is your favorite colour and why ". Thankfully my turn was the second. So I basically had like 2-3 minutes to think. Well, I was shaking, because the question was very random, and I had only few minutes to think for an impressive answer. Despite the anxious, I managed to come up with this answer

" I love red colour because it has the sense of bravery. It is really motivating and inspiring. I look good in red, I know I look good in red. But today I'm not wearing red unfortunately. Erm, and that's all "

Hahahaha tak impressive langsung I know ! I even stuttered as I was really nervous. But at least I did come up with an answer hahaha

The trick : Stay calm, loosen up, and be yourself. You really don't have to kiss their ass with your boring " I love red because it's the colour of SIA " type of answers. Minor hand gestures might help too.

2nd stage : Skin Check

Out of 10, 4 of us managed to get through. Sadly, Yvonne didn't. We did our height and weight meisurement, and proceeded to another room for the skin check. This stage had been haunting me for months, as I have a scar on my neck, and birthmarks on my feet and lower arm. But it was fun though. Thankfully my beautician was a nice, humble, mid-aged lady. I felt at ease lah being checked by her. She asked me to smile, show my hands, and do some walking. I knew I did fine as she didn't ask me with anything.

The trick : CONCEAL YOUR SCARS. That's all.

3rd stage : 1 to 1 interview

All 4 of us passed the skin check. We then proceeded for the next stage. The stages of the interview were all arranged randomly. It wasn't really easy to control all the mixed up feelings that I had. I was excited having my name called out as successful candidate, and at the same time it was nerve-wracking to go to the next stage. For this 1 to 1 interview, I was like shaking to death. There were very few people that got through this stage. Very few. Some of them were very confident with their answers, but still failed. There were 2 bubbly Malay guys, looking very confident. One of them just passed the interview with Emirates. No idea why he's trying SIA. And another one is/was employed by MAS. They didn't stop talking while waiting for their turn. They talked with everyone, except me. They shared stories with everyone, except me. When they both failed the stage, I was kinda happy *evil laugh*

Luckily I had my Chinese friends to share what happened in the interview room. In this stage, we basically were asked on our backgrounds, some knowledge on SIA, and there was also a case study. My interviewer was an elegant gorgeous lady. She didn't torture me much thankfully. I wasn't even asked on SIA knowledge at all. She asked me to explain why would I want to shift from lab to cabin. It was really easy. And my case study was an easy one too. Thing I will never forget is when she said

" In Singapore Airlines, we are looking for honest people to join us. And you are very honest. I can tell that "
So yeahh, you read me. I passed the stage wooohoooo !!

The trick : Be prepared. Be honest. Be moderate.
Out of my 4 group members, only 2 of us, me and my supportive Chinese male friend, passed the 1 to 1 interview. We then proceeded to the final stage.

4th stage : Management Round

I am not really sure why it is termed as management round. In this round, we were divided into new groups with 6 members in each. My group members were all girls, and I was still the only Malay. There were Katherine, a bubbly mass comm graduate from KL, Teh, a cute lady from Selangor, talkative Suzanna from Penang, she was actually there for a review, there was also a girl who just came back from US, and sweet, humble Ethelynn from Penang. Me, the girl from US, and Ethelynn didn't talk much. Maybe we were too busy filling up the form and thinking on the next round I guess. We started mingling after been acknowledged that the next round will require teamwork hehe. But still, I didn't talk much. I was kinda oblivious I guess.

There were 2 interviewers, looking very smart in their business suits. They asked us to introduce our friend next to us. I chose Katheryn because she's been telling a lot of things about her so that will make it easy for me hahaha. After that, we were asked to read an announcement. But to me it was just a passage. Then, they gave us one statement, and asked either we agree or disagree. Of course we will have to discuss it. Fortunately, the statement given was pretty easy. " An apple a day keeps the doctors away ". Every 5 of them chose to agree. I took some time to think on the points as I knew that I have to disagree with the statement. Luckily I managed to come up with some points, thanks to my Degree, that I related it to contamination, and radiation. The session was quite challenging, but the interviewers just knew how to lead us to an interesting and relaxing discussion.

and the result...

When Kak Liza, one of the staffs, announced that all of us passed except 1, I thought it was me. BUT IT WASN'T ! Katheryn didn't make it. We were quite suprised. But there was nothing that we can do 'aite ? 4 of us, excluding Suzanna (since she's in review,she already tried the kebaya during previous interview) made our way to the kebaya round.

The trick : I've read somewhere, always choose to disagree when they give you a statement to discuss. But make sure you have strong points to differ. 

5th stage : Kebaya round

People, it was like the peak of the interview I tell you. We were asked to put on the kebaya, but the top was very small and super-tight. Just like wearing your corset. I thought I was too weighty, but heyy everyone was facing the same issue okay. It was actually a second skin check. We were asked to bend down so that they can check for back acnes and tattoos. My friends' shin part was checked too for scars. But mine wasn't. I guess they might be considering that I am a Malay. We were also asked to stand under the sunlight so that they can check for any visible scars on the face.

3 of us passed the stage. One of us was having back acne problems, so I am not really sure how it went for her. We were given letter for medical check-up which has to be done within a week.

The trick : Minimize the acsessories as you will have to take them off during this round. And if you are busty, it's best to not wear push-up bra because the kebaya top was damn small. It will be a little bit difficult to zip it. Even if you can zip it, you'll have difficulty to breathe hahaha trust me. It was tight, really.
I passed the medical test. So basically yes, I am fit enough to join the team. 

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