Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Never miss any post in Fly Gosh again.Here are a collection of my previous post with a wealth of information. Obviously you can't read them all at once so you can bookmark it in your web browser and slowly read and digest them.If you want to read it offline without any internet connection, you can download my ebook here. Happy reading and feel free to share it with anyone who you feel will be beneficial to them.

From Ms.Thailand to an Air Asia Pilot

Dancing Safety demo by CeBu Pacific Cabin Crew

How to become a Cabin crew/Flight attendant/Air hostess/Flight stewardess

Life as a Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

How to become a Pilot

Pilot Job for Private cadet pilot / Fresh CPL / Low timers 200-250 hour

Equal opportunities at 38,000 feet

Check airport arrival and departure time,delay or track flight status real time

Can an aeroplane actually reverse?

Spotting at Penang Internation Airport

Tiger Airways - Latest Salary and Benefit

Frankfinn Cabin Crew Training - Franchise Opportunity

Malaysia Airlines brand new Boeing 737-800 NG

Being a Cabin Crew , is it a good career ?

Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot - Hong Kong

Flight Attendant - Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong Base

Salary for Air Asia Cabin Crew - New pay scale

Singapore Airlines ( SIA) cabin crew interview and stages

Cathay Pacific (CX) - Interview questions for Cadet Pilot , DESO and DEFO

Jetstar Asia Advanced Cadet Program

Emirates Airline Pilot Salary

Cabin Crew Job - List of Airlines

Have an interview coming up,should I go?

Qatar Airways - Second Officers

Etihad Airways - First Officer Boeing 777 - Rated and Non-Rated

Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot - Hiring now

Good article about Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant

Cathay Pacific - Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits

Air Asia Cabin Crew Interview Process

Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant - Assessment and Interview stages

Cabin Crew - Finnair ( Base in Singapore)

Things to ponder upon before you join any airline

Emirates Airline - Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits

Interview Tips for Cabin Crew

Malaysia Airlines - First Officer

The "Dark Side" of being a cabin crew

Malaysia Airlines - Cabin Crew Recruitment

Direct Entry Cadet Pilot , First Officer & Captain - Malaysia Airlines

Emirates Cabin Crew numbers cruise over 12,000

Emirates Cabin Crew Interview Process & Stages

Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot (India) - Only for Indian Citizens

Experience as a cabin crew - Part 1

Great video about the job role as a Cabin Crew

Malaysian Airlines ( MH ) cabin crew interview and stages

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