Friday, September 23, 2011

Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant ( Los Angeles Base ) - Interview stages and Process

Below are the interview process & stages of the recent cx cabin crew (LAX base ) held in US shared by one of my reader.

Well it all started out with me handing in my application and me saying hi and talking with other people. Then Dennis Homer (the man in charge of LAX base comes out and introduces himself and tells us the statistics of people that applied (which i will show afterwards) and reminds us that we can apply again if we really want to cause and says that competition is tough and many of his crew have applied many times before being chosen (be honest i only partially believe that.)

Then came the presentation which they showed us what life inside cathay is like which i was sitting up straight and paying attention and smiling throughout the Q and A session for the crew. Then came the reach and language test, they just ask you to touch the wall tape to see if you can reach the mark, as for language it was ok but since i could not read chinese i was just having a conversation with the flight attendant. 

The group interview session i think was the main event, I along with 10 others were asked to go into another room where there was a pad of paper, a pen and a piece of paper that had a question the paper was supposed to be turned over so none of us can see the question till it was time but i think they forgot to flip over mine so i anonymously flipped mine over so it was like the others (not sure if it was on purpose or was it just plain accidental they did not flip mine over.)

Dennis comes in and introduces himself and makes us tell him how we heard about the job (i personally know someone that already works there). Then he makes us introduce ourselves and tell everyone some stuff about ourselves and what languages do we speak. For me I did that but however I knew i stumbled on a few words and i was nervous but i did get my words out and i added why i wanted to be a cabin crew member. (what i said was it has been a dream and i like to help people out and make them feel comfortable and make them enjoy the flight.) 

Then came the discussion (question will vary but for me it was put out 3 things that make up a employee of the month). For me when it was time to talk i was ready and i got the chance to start since no one wanted to talk in my opinion it was silent till i first opened up by saying "shall i start?" then i laid one of the traits down, then many others started to do that too I from that point just kept smiling and nodding at people who were talking and from time to time i did say "i agree" to the person that finished.

I really don't think i was that aggressive on that discussion or that overpowering, there was a guy though which i could see was very confident and he was a flight attendant for UA. Then we wrapped it up and Dennis then introduces another person to talk to us while he and his coworker handed out yellow cards (same one i assume you posted about basically it just says application is under consideration and will notify within 2 weeks and a list of what to bring if invited to second round) 

Because this is the third time i have tried out, Dennis and his co worker remember me and his co worker (named Dominic) was the one who handed me the card which i took from him and he said to me "nice to see you again" and pats me on the shoulder and i just said thank you still smiling of course. 

After the interview i shook everyones hand and thanked Dominic for helpin me out earlier when i submitted my resume i didn't get a reply so i called in to check and he said "my pleasure." and then i shook Dennis's hand just as i was walking out to the door and said to him to take care.

Well thats my memory of the interview and like i said above sorry for the "novel," and i believe it's very similar to the blog post you posted up once on Cathay's FA interview but this one is only for LAX base and i think the process is the same for all bases.

Statistics of people applying for LAX base:
14,000 resumes were submitted for the LAX base (just this past couple months)
200 people were called in for the first interview
48 people will be called into the second round of interviews
24 people will be hired

You can view the Asian version of Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant assessment and interview stages here

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