Friday, June 24, 2011

How to post/ask Fly Gosh a Question?

Got a question to ask me? Well, most of you would normally send me your question via email, Facebook message as well as FB chat. I guess Fly Gosh has grown so rapidly and I am unable to reply or respond immediately as everyday, I have so many question pose to me and it is impossible for me to reply to all of you. Most of the time it is always the same question. Well, to you, you may only ask me as one person, for me, it is hundreds hence some of you may realize that at times, it takes me as long as a week to respond to you.

Therefore from now onwards, I will only answer/reply to your question via Fly Gosh Forum. I actually paid for this service and have not really utilize it so far. I also notice that some of you are new to forum and have no idea how to participate which is the reason why I am writing this post. Besides, some of the people in Fly Gosh are both experienced Pilots and Cabin Crew and I am sure that they are more than willing to help me reply to you. Just follow the steps below and you are on your way.

First step is to register an account. ( Click the thumbnail above and refer to the picture). Enter your preferred username, email and also the correct confirmation code.

Once you have fill in all your details, click submit and you will receive an email from the forum as well as a message saying that you can only start to participate in the forum once I have approve it. I am activating this feature as to protect the forum from spammers. Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email with the subject "Account Activated"
So click " LOGIN (located beside register )" with your username and password. You can see a whole list of airlines and section.So make sure you post your question in the correct section.For example, if you want to ask about say Emirates cabin crew, click the picture above and you can see 2.CABIN CREW section and then 3.EMIRATES AIRLINES.
Once you are in that particular section, you can either participate with the current topics or if you have a new question, click 4.NEW TOPIC as shown in the picture above. To go back to the main page, click 5.BOARD INDEX.
Finally apart from the airlines, I have also created a section for aviation news , non aviation topic and the rest which is self explanatory. Feel free to share anything you like. Lastly if possible, please introduce yourself there and make friends with each other under "INTRODUCE YOURSELF"