Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tips on Malaysian Airlines Psychometric Test

Computer based test.Consist of mainly 4 parts.

Part 1-Verbal Testing..approx 17 mins
Part 2-Numerical Testing... approx 17 mins
Part 3-Reasoning/IQ Testing....approx 25 mins
Part 4-Personality Testing...approx 1 hour

Pass first 3 test to advance into the 4th test.The results of the first three will be notified in 5-10 mins prior to completion of the test.

Verbal Testing
Basic English testing based on passages.Objective questions.Shouldn't be a problem for those with good foundation of the English Language.

Numerical Testing
Mathematics based on graphs,charts,tables,decimals and etc.

Reasoning Test/IQ testing
Logic puzzles and sequencing based on shapes and patterns.

Personality Testing
Personality Questions to see the state of mind of a candidate.Multiple situation types of questions.Be very careful of this part as the questions are repeated many-many times and they want to see if you are consistent with your answer.

Also practice the test from the below website. Apparently it's quite similar to their test. Good Luck Guys!!



To download the sample test, click here
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