Saturday, March 24, 2018

Qantas Pilot Recruitment 2018 - Roadshows

The Qantas Group has a proud history of having some of the best pilots in the world.
And we’re hiring.
Pilots in the Qantas Group have access to world-class training and opportunities to advance their careers through a range of pathways across our Group airlines.
Join a network of talented professionals who are committed to the highest standards of safety and customer experience every time they fly.
Attend one of our Roadshows in April to find out about the opportunities available with a number of our Group airlines and how you can further your career with the Qantas Group.

Registration is open to interested pilots who:
  1. hold a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL);
  2. hold an Instrument Rating (IR); and
  3. are currently working (or have recently worked) as a commercial pilot.
Completion of ATPL subjects is not required.

For pilots who do not currently hold the above qualifications, alternative pathways into the Qantas Group are available. Please visit our careers website at Meet with our Talent Acquisition Team and Pilot representatives from our Group Airlines to learn about our recruitment process, available training pathways as well as potential career options within the Qantas Group
For general enquiries contact
The Qantas Group is a network of equal opportunity employers. We encourage people of all backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, to apply.
To apply , please click here

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