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MasWings Cabin Crew Interview Process and Stages

Since there aren't many articles or posts regarding the interview process for MASwings, I decided to write one based on my personal experience having just attended one in Kuching very recently (on 21st Jan). I hope that my experience sharing will benefit future candidates and help them prepare in case they would want to attend a MASwings cabin crew interview in the future.

Before going for the interview, I searched and read articles and blog posts regarding the Malaysia Airlines cabin crew interview process, just to get a rough idea of how it will be for MASwings. It should be pretty similar since MASwings is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

The MASwings cabin crew interview that I attended wasn't an open walk-in interview, it was invitation by email. About a month or so before the interview, MASwings posted on their social media that they were recruiting. 

Interested candidates were instructed to apply online. Only shortlisted candidates would be notified via email. Now this is where you have to make a resume that impresses them. Since they will no doubt be filtering through hundreds of resumes, you want to make sure yours stand out or at least be good enough to be selected. If you have any experiences at all in customer service or even in the F&B industry, list it down! Write in your objective that you really want to give the best service you can to serve not only the airline but also for the passengers of Sabah and Sarawak.

After you've submitted your application, wait for the email. It will take about 2 weeks or more. The closing date for the application was 9th Jan. I submitted my application on the 8th and got the interview invitation email on the 18th. The interview was to be held on the 21st, so only less than 3 days to prepare!

I could tell you, once I received the interview invitation email, I was over the moon. 

Arrived at the interview venue at 0815 and registration was scheduled to start at 0830. Already there were lots of people queuing up. Registration only actually started at 0945. We were brought up to a holding room where we were split into two groups to facilitate the flow as it was getting crowded.
The interview will have 5 stages:
1.    Height and weight check
2.    Document & credentials check
3.    Grooming
4.    Drilling
5.    Final

First stage, height and weight check.
The first stage is where you will see a lot of people start to disappear already. Your height and weight will be measured. After that, your BMI will be calculated on the spot. They were using an online BMI calculator. One person measures the height and weight, one person records it on your application slip and one person calculates the BMI and checks the boxes 'ACCEPTED' or 'REJECTED'. They will be looking for people with an average BMI. Those who are underweight or overweight will have the REJECTED box ticked and will be told 'sorry, you are underweight/overweight and have been rejected. 

You can try again next time.' And those people will be sent home straight away. My interview had around 130 candidates (if not mistaken). Out of 130++ people, only half or even less than that were left after the first stage. So my advice is if you are scared that you will be sent home at the first stage, calculate your BMI at home first. If you are under or over, don't waste your time. They are quite strict with little or no compromise at all. I calculated by BMI the night before and I got an average BMI so I was good to go.

Second stage, document & credentials check.

The second stage is pretty self-explanatory. They will check that you have the required SPM qualifications, full body photo, passport size photo, photocopy of IC and other necessary credentials. Please make sure to bring both original and photocopy of any documents you bring. Once you have all necessary documents, you will be given an employment application form to be filled up and returned to the desk. Otherwise, you will be sent home. Oh, and always make sure to bring a pen, stapler or glue to any flight attendant interview. 

They will hand out forms and some of those forms will require you to stick a passport size photo on it. For those with thick folders of qualifications and certificates, please do not bring all of them. If you have certificates related to customer service, first-aid or anything related to the job of a flight attendant then you may bring them. Otherwise please don’t bring folders that look like Yellow Pages. You don’t actually think the appraisers will have time to go through all of them, do you?

Third & fourth stage, grooming and drilling (combined).
The third stage will be the grooming stage. Probably the stage where even more people will be sent home as they are very strict at this stage. The grooming stage will be held at a different room and only 5 people will be called at one time to go down for the grooming stage. 2 will go into the room and the rest will wait outside. Unfortunate to say, this is the stage where I failed and was sent home. While waiting outside, you will be given an evaluation form and they will ask you to fill up your name, IC number and queue number. 

The rest will be filled by the appraiser (the person who checks/evaluates you.) It is a 5-6 page form. The first page will be the one where you fill in your name etc and the bottom of the page will be the final decision 'ACCEPTED' or 'REJECED' boxes as well as score by the appraiser. The rest of the pages will have sections devoted to almost all parts of the body with boxes under them. Each section will have 3 boxes saying 'YES' 'NO' and 'Reason for non-recommendation'. Beside the third box will be various reasons for non-recommendation. For example the Face section. Beside the third box you will find reasons like 'shape too broad/shape too long' etc. I'll let the pictures below do the talking.  

click thumbnail to view

For my interview, it seemed like the third and fourth stage (grooming and drilling) was combined. For those with pimples and red scars on the face and neck area, I'm so sorry but it's 95% confirmed you will be sent home no matter how stunning you may look all dressed up. For those with braces or crooked teeth, it's the same. It is brutal and you should prepare for the worst. 

To prepare for the drilling, (they MIGHT constantly shoot you questions after questions) read up on the role of a flight attendant, do some research on the company background, their fleet, their slogan, their key people etc. Show that you are interested in being apart of the company.

In the room there will be two tables, one at each end. At each table there will be two appraisers. For men wearing long sleeves, they will ask you to roll up your sleeves to check for any visible scarring, birth marks and tattoos. They will then ask you to loosen your tie and unbutton the top button and they will examine your neck area for scars, birthmarks and tattoos. After that they will sit and have a little chat with you. This is where you have to sell yourself. Interest them; make them curious to know more about you. 

Talk a lot and with confidence. And one important thing, don't forget to SMILE! Smile from the moment you enter the room. Smile all the way. Heck, smile for no reason at all! The longer they keep chatting with you, the better. Because it shows they are interested in you and they want to keep you to know more about you. They will be asking typical interview questions like 'tell me about yourself' or 'describe yourself' and all that. 

There will be a crew luggage bag near each table. You will be asked to walk from one end of the room and back while pulling along the bag. Just like a real flight attendant walking through the airport. So stand straight, chest forward, shoulders back and relaxed, eyes all the way forward with a SMILE and walk with confidence! At the end of that, you will be asked to wait outside for your results. Unfortunately mine was 'I'm sorry Mr. Xxx, you have been rejected. You may try again next time.'

Fifth and final stage.
Oh, how I wished I was among the lucky handful to have advanced to this stage. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what the final stage is like. But from a separate blog post detailing Malaysia Airlines cabin crew interview process, the final stage is supposed to be more relaxed. The remaining candidates will be separated into small groups and will be given topics to talk about. And maybe the appraisers will have a casual chat with you just to know you more. I assume it’s the same with 


So even if I was not successful, I am still very grateful. Because I am one of 130 people who got the invitation email. Most people dream about it but do not get it yet I got it so I am thankful. I am thankful I passed the first 2 stages when so many people were sent home at that stage. I am thankful to have seen the standards they require so I know where I'm lacking and where I can still improve. 

Overall I'm grateful for the whole experience. For those who are reading this, those who went and are reading this and weren't successful, it's okay. Be thankful for all the little things. I am so thankful to be among the final 20-30 candidates left. 

So thank you MASwings for the opportunity and thank you all for spending your time to read this all the way till the end. 

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