Sunday, March 26, 2017

Susi Air Pilot Recruitment 2017 ( CPL/IR and low hour pilot accepted )

Susi Air would receive any pilot application all year long but only shortlisted candidates will be followed up and depending on company needs.

Susi Air would conduct interview when the need for pilot arose. Otherwise there will be no interview.
Susi Air adopted regulations from Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation as the basic requirement for employment and added up with other company’s interior requirements.

    CATEGORY 3. Non-Indonesian / Non-Indonesian License Holder:

    • Hold minimum 250 hours on aircraft and preferably above 750 hours. (simulator time not included).
    • Comprehensive CV. Specify hours flown in the last 6 months and last 12 months.
    • at least ICAO CPL Single Engine Land and IR (current). FAA mother license is preferable.
    • Copy of latest examiner’s report/ proficiency check form/ flight review/ flight test, exhibiting the Single Engine and IR rating as per license.
    • First Class medical (current), no restriction except for corrective glasses.
    • License verification letter with current information from authority
    • Free of accident-incident verification report from authority.
    • Copy of logbook in the last three months with verification stamp or signature from chief pilot or flight instructor.
    • candidates must be free from any form of color blindness and passed the Ishihara Color Test – Indonesian authority only accept the Ishihara Color Blind Test.
    • Minimum of level 5 ICAO English proficiency test.
    • Valid passport minimum 24 months left

    If you are interested, please send the following documents to and with your email subject/title as ( your name - Application for the position of Pilot via )

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