Thursday, April 21, 2016

Air Asia Pilot Recruitment - Cadet Pilot ( 2016 )

The minimum AirAsia Cadet Pilot selections requirements for the selection of a Cadet Pilot are as follows:
  • Malaysian citizenship or permanent residency age over 17 years;
  • Aged over 17 years at the time of application with the maximum age of 28;
  • A DCA class 1 Medical Certificate must be obtained.
  1. And, possess one of the following academic qualifications
    1. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/Malaysian Certificate of Education or equivalent (recognized by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia) pre-requisites:
      • A grade of any “A” in English;
      • A grade of any “A” in Mathematics;
      • A grade of any “B” in Physics or any “A” in General Science;
      • A grade of any “B” in any other two subjects; A Pass in Bahasa Malaysia and
      • Minimum of 5 SPM subjects.
    2. Diploma or Degree pre-requisites:
      • Engineering/Science related discipline;
      • GPA 3.0 and above; and
      • SPM with a grade of “C” in any subjects, of which must include Mathematics, Science, and English and A pass in Bahasa Malaysia.
  1. Distant visual acuity with or without visual correction shall be 6/9 or better in each eye separately, and binocular visual acuity shall be 6/6 or better. Refractive error of not more than 5dioptres. Final approval subject to Medical Doctor/Ophthalmologist Report.
  2. Minimum height of 163 cm (5ft 3in) and
  3. Be prepared to sign a training bond with surety.
  4. For Air Asia Staff, must have served min of 2 years in their respective Department and obtained HOD approval. Age must not be more than 33 at the time of application. Be prepared to sign a training bond with surety.

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