Monday, October 26, 2015

Zetta Jet Pilot Recruitment - Second Officer, First Officer and Captain ( Private Jet )

Zetta Jet is the world’s first truly personalized private airline. With six strategically positioned offices worldwide and a growing fleet of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the private aviation industry, Zetta Jet promises to deliver the ultimate in bespoke luxury experience to an elite ultra high net worth clientele.

Zetta Jet is a FAA certificated air carrier with its Scheduling and Operations Centre (SOC) in Los Angeles. Zetta Jet leverages an established network of sales support offices in New York, London, San Jose, Harbin and Singapore.

Zetta Jet started operations on August 8, 2015 and plans to hire forty pilots during 2016 to fulfill the upcoming seats on its new Bombardier Global 6000 and Global 5000 Vision Aircraft. Delivery of the first aircraft occurred on August 8, 2015 and additional aircraft will be delivered every quarter thereafter. Zetta Jet is a Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US certified air operator with Global Operations.

What Zetta Jet offers:

• Rotation Based on 20 Days on and 20 Days off.

• Top Quality Equipment under Manufacturer Warranty.

• Interesting Global Destinations.

• Health Benefits/ Insurance/ Loss of License Insurance.

• Retirement Planning.

• Able to Live Globally, (within 2 hours drive to International airport with nonstop daily service to LA, London or Singapore).

• Overtime Pay Opportunities Available.

• Structured Pay Contract Increases for five years 3% per annum.

• International Per Diem outside USA paid direct.

• Stability.

What Zetta Jet wants:

1. FAA ATP Captain Global Express Type Rated, 2000 Hours PIC, 500 hours PIC BD700

2. FAA ATP Captain, Non Type Rated, 2000 Hours PIC, 1000 Hours PIC Heavy Jet

3. FAA ATP First Officer Type Rated, 1000 Hours BD 700

4. FAA ATP First Officer Non Type Rated, 1000 Hours PIC

5. FAA Commercial, Second Officer, Non Type Rated, 500 hours PIC

Additionally, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

1. Pass USA 10 year Background Check.

2. FAA English Proficient.

3. Two Passports at time of hire

4. No restrictions on visa for China, Saudi Arabia and USA.

5. Pass American Express/VISA/MC Credit Check.

6. No DUI

If you are selected for the next stage expect:

1. Psychometric Testing.

2. Simulator Evaluation.

3. Technical Interview.

4. Personnel Interview.

The Interviews will take place in the following Locations:

1. London Stanstead Week One December 2015

2. San Jose, California Week Two December 2015

3. Singapore, Week 2 January 2016

4. Johannes Burg, South Africa, Week 3 2016.

The training will consist of the following:

1. Seven Day Of Initial Company Training.

2. Simulator Training in Montreal or Dallas Bombardier.

3. Crew Resource Management Training.

4. International Operations Training.

5. Facts Training.

6. Aircraft Cabin Training Rockwell Collins.

How to get the job at Zetta Jet:

1. Apply with a Curriculum Vitae and a Cover letter stating how you will make a difference to the Zetta Jet team and state which position you are applying for and your chosen location for the interview.

2. Send to the Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter to the attention of Director of Operations.

To apply, please click here

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